Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

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I searched about “Bitcoin” on Wikipedia Japan, but I could not understand well what was about due to the lack of my basic knowledge in the digital field. Then, I thought “Well, it is fishy after all!”  (ll゚Д゚;乂)―ァァァ!!!


But, the name of Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto got me interested. Is he Japanese? That was what I thought from the name? It is a very common Japanese name, both first name, Satoshi, and last name, Nakamoto. Wow! The creator of Bitcoin is Japanese? That is cool!

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

It was a kind of similar feeling when I saw Toyota cars when I traveled in another country, friends from another country say that “Sony is one of my favorite brands.”, or when I saw a huge advertisement display of TDK in the film “Blade Runner” I watched the other day. 


So that I continued to search about Satoshi Nakamoto on Wikipedia.


Simply put what I searched about him on Wikipedia, he (she, or they) was anonymous. But the white paper of Bitcoin was written in English, so that I decided to read it in English (1) first.


Bitcoin white paper which was written by Satoshi Nakamoto

It took, probably about 30 seconds when I realized that he was not Japanese. Well, he maybe is Japanese, but he is a native English speaker. That is for sure. LOL.

His level of English proficiency is obviously not what a native Japanese person learned English as a second or third language. Many people have a Japanese name like Kazuo Ishiguro (2) and Daniel Ken Inoue (3) who are native in English. I thought that Satoshi Nakamoto is one of them, or maybe Satoshi Nakamoto is just a pseudonym. Whatever the reason, it is very clever to choose the name

As I explained in the very first blog, I am not native in English, so that I was using an Eijiro which is a free online dictionary when I was reading through the white paper. As I was reading on the first page, there are already so many words I did not understand… Well! I understand nothing! Let’s find out if there is a Bitcoin white paper in Japanese.


Yay! There is one already! (´∀`)/


Decided to read a Bitcoin white paper in Japanese

Well! I still did not understand it well. (´艸`) The language is not the problem, but the lack of digital literacy was the reason why I understood a little. My digital literacy is terrible! At least, reading the Bitcoin white paper gave me some solid philosophy of Bitcoin.


 It is stated, “A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.”  (1)


Without going through a financial institution, we can send money? For real? However, other than the abstract and the introduction of the paper, it was very pretty difficult to understand. Markel Tree? What kind of tree is that?


List of words I had no clue on the paper… (・´ω`・)困ッタナァ…

●Proof of work

●Merkle tree

●Binomial distribution

●Poisson distribution




Impressions I got after finished reading the white paper (゚Д゚;)

I feel that it is something very wow, but well, I don’t get it. ( ´艸`) 

The author of ”Mastering Bitcoin”, Andreas Antonopoulos (4) wrote his first impression after he encountered Bitcoin, as “Pfft! Nerd money!” Then, he says that he ignored the first six months. The next time he came across Bitcoin, he read the white paper and concluded that “This isn’t money, it’s a de-centralized trust network,” (5)

Well, I did not feel that at all which shows that I am a very common person. LOL! But, at least, I realized that I could not understand the true meaning of the white paper due to the lack of digital literacy. Too bad! Darn my digital literacy level of knowledge! (゚Д゚)<アラヤダ!


My second stage of the Bitcoin journey started with Google sensei. Help Google sensei!

Too bad that I did not search about Bitcoin Cash at the moment, yet! 


Mizuo – Mar. 17th, 2021.


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1)   Bitcoin white paper (English)


2)   Kazuo Ishiguro (Wikipedia)


3)   Daniel K. Inoue (Wikipedia)


4)   Andreas Antonopoulos(Wikipedia)


5)   Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos

Amazon.com: Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain eBook: Antonopoulos, Andreas M.: Kindle Store 


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I figured you live in Japan so I wonder if you saw the special on 日テレ about Bitcoin and who is Satoshi Nakamoto? It was a speculation but they theorize that Kaneko Yuu is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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2 years ago

Hi, crimsonowl,

Thank you for this comment :) Too bad that I did not watch the TV show "Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?"!! Kaneko Yuu? It is Isamu Kaneko, who founded Winny, isn´t he? Yeah! He might be Satoshi. :)

"Satoshi Nakamoto" is very mysterious, and there are so many people who claim themselves that they are real "Satoshi Nakamoto". One of them is Craig Wright who founded Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision). Well, I do not buy his claim though. LOL!

Also, many Japanese people want to claim that "Satoshi Nakamoto" is a Japanese identity, but I personally think that "Satoshi Nakamoto" is not a Japanese identity. They said that Isamu Kaneko and Dr. Shinichi Mochizuki might be Satoshi, but I believe that Satoshi is whoever had a concrete ideology of the Cyberpunk movement and libertarianism. Both of them, Mr. Kaneko and Mr. Mochizuki do not fit in these categories. Plus, their English is not a native level.

My guess is Hal Finney. Unfortunately, he is dead, but it also explains why 1M of Bitcoin which Satoshi Nakamoto holds has not been used for a long time. Well, the true identity of "Satoshi Nakamoto" may be dead already.

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2 years ago