How i dry meat and bacon in my apartment

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2 years ago

I am a big meat lover. I love it in every form and in every way. Since I don't like to buy meat products in the markets (because I don't like what's in them) I like to prepare some specialties. Today I will show you how to make dried meat and bacon in my apartment. Of course these quantities are not large, but for me it is enough. To begin, take the meat and bacon and cut into strips 1x1 cm. Since all this is made at home, my recommendation is to make smaller pieces that we can quickly prepare or process.

Then we need to salt that meat and let it stand for a while. Take the most common plastic dish and arrange the meat in it, making sure that each piece is well salted.

Arrange the meat so that there is no space between the pieces in which air will be retained.
Leave the meat prepared in this way in the refrigerator for 48 hours to salt it nicely. After that time, the meat is ready for the next step in preparation.

So after 48 hours, take the meat out of the fridge and, depending on the place where we are going to dry, hang the meat. Since I dry it in a small oven, I use bamboo sticks.

When arranging the meat, care should be taken to make a large enough space between the pieces that they must not touch.

Then we arrange the sticks prepared in this way in the oven. You can use any combination for drying, the only important thing is to ensure a constant flow of air, as well as that there is enough space for lighting a fire whose flame will not reach what you are drying.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s all filled. I repeat, pay attention that the pieces are at a sufficient distance from each other, otherwise you may dry out badly.

Then comes the smoking. For smoking, you need wood that has been cut into small pieces. The essence is that by burning that wood, you provide the meat with a small amount of smoke and not heat.

I light a tree in a tin box of candy, and then put it in the oven. I do this to prevent the wood from burning quickly and at the same time to get a larger amount of smoke.



Here’s what it looks like when we look through the furnace opening.

Here's what it looks like after 24 hours when we look down in the oven.

And here we are after 48 hours, it's time to take our product out of the space where we dried it.

As you can see in the picture, it looks great, and believe me, the taste is even more beautiful. As for the meat itself, it is perfectly dried, it could even take less time to dry. The bacon, although it is excellent, I decided to leave it to dry for a while, because it is not possible to dry it too much.

And of course why all this if it is not tried immediately. For lunch, I mixed wheat and corn cakes that go well with young cream and of course dried meat.

After the meal, I had no choice but to pay close attention to watching TV from my bed.

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2 years ago


Nice, I will try this.Thanks.

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2 years ago

Wow, amazing recipe,I never tried that before.Good recipe and easy to prepare.May I ask?How long can we place the smoke under the meat.

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2 years ago

As for how long, there is no precise time, what is important is that the fire that produces smoke is not too strong, so as not to roast the meat. We call it cold smoke. Although experience is also crucial here, because it is not desirable to have too much smoke. My advice for someone who has not had the opportunity to do this or to watch someone who has not done this is to try with just one piece of the cheapest meat available to him and thus gain a sense of preparation.

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2 years ago

Hey thanks! That's a neat process. I really enjoy these type of posts and appreciate the pictures. 😁👍

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2 years ago