Working on ourselves is also synonymous with self-love

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 We all have different times, we cannot be governed by what the person next door does or does not do, we have to flow at our own pace. Although when we are very young we think that certain things do not affect us and we do not reinforce them either so that it does not have repercussions, but sooner or later we realize that in some way it did affect us and we simply gave up on the matter so as not to face it, but The time comes when we can't take it anymore and we have to deal with those emotions that are hurting us inside.

But to get to that point it is necessary to be aware of it, to accept that although we had a thousand barriers at that moment in our lives, it affected us and we want to heal it, forgive and let go of these situations. In particular, I would not change the wisdom that time has given me for anything in the world. Today it has helped me to learn a lot from my past, analyze it, forgive and let it go, to live my present in peace and tranquility. I try every day to improve my self-esteem, self-love, my understanding of myself and the world.

Self-esteem and self-love is something that is cultivated daily, of course there are days that are not rosy, but just on bad days I remind myself how valuable I am, and that although it is not being the best of days, this one ends and The only good thing that remains of these situations is that there is always something to learn, every day they teach us something unique and different, we just have to be very attentive, because at times we have things in front of us and we are not able to see it.

That is why we have to be aware that every day we have the ability to create and change a beautiful and different life, sometimes we think that change is something bad, or that it is extremely difficult, when if we have determination and the power to want we can do it with everything and much more, at the end of each day you will realize that you can handle much more than you thought, that you are much stronger than adversity.

I learned that before loving others I have to do it myself. Loving, trying to understand and be comprehensive with all my facets, I recognize that not all of them are good, just like when there are good and bad days, but I have to accept them, because that is the first step to change ACCEPT that there are simply things, situations, people and moments that we cannot change and that still remain perfect in one way or another.

We all have a great personal history and it is disappointing to see how some spoil this dream called life, in meaningless things like criticizing others, subtracting instead of adding, questioning, pointing, intimidating and attacking others by wasting ENERGY that they can use to work on themselves, they have not had the courage to discover that our best project on earth IS OURSELVES, not the one next door, that we must always seek our well-being and leave aside toxic attitudes that only They serve to stagnate us.

Personally, it is something that I understood little by little, we do not have the capacity to know and understand, although it would be ideal. And since then, working on myself, even if it seems selfish, is my best project because while my mental and physical health is fine, I can offer much more of myself to those around me. If I cultivate my self love every day, I can be fine with myself. Although as I mentioned before it was not always like that, in my younger years I thought that it was but it was when I was most vulnerable, I made myself look stronger but there were people who hurt me with their comments and actions I simply ignored, I thought that made me well, on the contrary, it was like throwing a garbage can into a garbage can and when it gets full you can't ignore it, it's time to face it, the worst part of the case is not knowing how, there were hard times, because I felt I didn't fit in with anything, particularly people always tend to judge others by their appearance without taking a second of their lives to learn more, because a body is not everything, they do not know the damage they do to others for the simple fact of pointing out their physical body that if she is fat or skinny, in my case because my frame was always very thin, today I have worked a lot inside myself, discarding any resentment, I hate those people, on the contrary, I always sent them light.

Because much to my regret they helped me, first of all to realize that to look even prettier on the outside I had to be much prettier on the inside, thanks to them today I am working on myself, as my biggest project in this world , trying to leave the ego aside and in turn feelings that only make one sink and even not want to get out of there as is the case of many people who did not find enough determination and energy to seek help in one way or another.

Nowadays I take care of giving priority to the mental in the same way that I gave it to the physical, a mind in good condition is capable of many things but a negative, sad mind is unable to see things clearly and above all to go out ahead. When we always have to look for the light, improve ourselves, have goals, have a plan for a successful future. Of course, life is full of nuances and that makes it more beautiful, but hopefully many would realize in time that they are worth much more than people think, that they do not have to be moved by what they will say but by what their intuition believes. convenient that the only ones who always have to please is themselves, because in this world we are only once in a lifetime and it is an adventure that we have to live to the fullest and with all its nuances.

Finally, he only sent light to those who hurt me at the time and I free myself from it. Thanks to them today I value myself more than ever and I even do things that I would not even dare before, but above all I feel excellent doing it, here you can see one before for me it was terrible to try to make a change in my exterior I thought that I have nothing left and here You can see my before and after and observe that now I make changes and it doesn't bother me, on the contrary, I feel good about myself and I don't seek the approval of anything or anyone to feel good about myself.


and after

If you got here, it sent you a lot of light in your process, I hope that in the long run it will be successful and that your path is full of more positive than negative things.


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1 year ago


people must love yourself first, and change is always good :)

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1 year ago

You have really work on your self, because by your beauty will testify how hard work you have done.... keep it up my dear ❤️

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1 year ago