Self love fixes what others damaged

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1 year ago

Good morning friends of Read.Cash, I hope you are doing amazingly well! It is very pleasing for me to share my thoughts and a little bit of my life, day by day with you, especially a topic that concerns us all, regardless of our gender or sexuality, love for ourselves, helps us to strengthen ourselves as person, to give us our place and value ourselves, it even helps to strengthen what others simply despised, in addition to helping us accept ourselves, there is nothing more beautiful and special than being aware that we are imperfect but that is what makes us beings unique and incomparable.

Today's society, instead of adding to people's lives, only make recriminations, accusations, criticism for the simple fact of not following their strictly written parameters, which after all they don't even follow, they see the speck of someone else's eye but they are not even able to see what is happening in front of their noses, the world would be a better place if people measured their words and took care to see beyond what happens or simply keep what is one or another way will harm others, because even unintentionally with simple words we can do psychological damage to others, even these can sometimes cause irreparable damage, it is very sad to see what is currently happening in the world, people who harass others Just because they think differently, because they look physically different, they are individuals who should reflect more on their actions and see that even this can cause suicide attempts, suicides.

It is sad that the aforementioned happens because people simply did not know how to deal with that emotional burden, self-esteem allows us to manage our emotions, it takes care of us not to pay attention to those bad comments that only bring double intentions, that is why working on us is a form of self-love, it is our best shield against any adversity that affects us, we are imperfect beings by nature but in turn that is what makes us magical and even perfect, knowing that even having defects, virtues, fat, skinny, tall , short, white, dark, black because that does not define us, what we do for good defines us, the good manners and words towards others no matter who they are, absolutely all of us are worthy of RESPECT.

This new year has been a real roller coaster, February has shown us many things, life has taken it upon itself to show us by example what not knowing how to manage our emotions can cause or simply how to deal with people who only have the word HATE in their being. , that apparently they lack LOVE and EMPATHY in their lives, that they are not happy until they see others falling, also showed us the catastrophic consequences of it, people who come to end their lives unfortunately, because people with hate and not knowing how to ask for help led them to it.

The world should become more aware, instead of distorting these people we should take the initiative to help them, physically people know if they are fat or skinny, if they have defects because they see themselves in a mirror every day of their lives, they should even There should be a law so that no one judged or singled out the other for the simple fact of their appearance. As I told you in one of my previous blogs, personally they judged me too much for the simple fact that I am a skinny person, my build has always been like this, thank God, my family and closest friends who or another way they were always for me in those moments where those comments only hurt me and hurt me deeply, in one way or another they were architects for me to overcome that, they also emphasized that I cultivate my self-esteem. It is a tremendous strength of the human being, it is not something that happens from today to tomorrow, it takes time, at first it even hurts, because basically it is accepting that what we are is what there is, that we cannot change ourselves, that God created us that way , that without a doubt that is why we are even perfect even though we are full of thousands of flaws, that we love ourselves even when no one else does are things that only self-love contributes significantly to our lives.

For me self love is:

-The one who repairs all the bad that others did in ill-intentioned ways in our life.

-Accept myself as I am, taking my flaws every day and working towards improving them, always choosing to love myself over any circumstance.

-Wish well to anyone and even those who only want to see me bad.

-Wish beautiful and positive things to those who simply noticed my appearance, that anger I felt for them for how they treated me and thought of me, I transformed it into love and respect.

-It is knowing that there are relationships, lovers, friendships and even family members that only destroy our emotional well-being and it is best to stay away from those types of people.

-It is valuing the little things in life, always always even highlighting and valuing them.

-It is to forgive and remove any harmful emotion that can only destroy my life.

-Self-love gives us the freedom to express any feeling we want, draining even the bad from our existence.

-It is valuing each of our triumphs, the big ones, and even more so the small ones, even knowing that for others they are just little things.

-It is knowing that as women, even being skinny, fat, with and even without makeup, we are beautiful.

-It is knowing that we should not beg for loving attention in sentimental relationships, much less friendship.

-It is understanding that it does not matter what you have or not, because we are all the same.

Today I only thank God first, my family, closest friends and even those who hurt me because thanks to them today I am a very strong person, I found in self-love invaluable tools that no one but love for me can grant, putting them into practice always depends on me, on my strength to always be well, regardless of the comments of others because they are people who unfortunately only look at the external beauty, the physical, which ends with the passing of time. years, what we have to enjoy because tomorrow we will be nothing more than simply a memory, thank you thank you thank you. Today I can look at myself in a mirror and say even knowing any imperfection that I have that I am beautiful, I no longer care what they think of me, thank heaven in my life there are the right people who think I am beautiful inside and out. outside.

Tell me what is self-love for you?


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1 year ago


I can say that you're a very pretty girl. Having self-love alone is very powerful bacause it just means that you fully accepted yourself and your flaws.

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1 year ago

That's right, it makes us powerful girls, thank you very much

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1 year ago

You are sooo pretty! For me self love is embracing not only what's good in ourselves but also the scars that made us stronger. ~Manju

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1 year ago

That's right my friend completely agree, thank you very much

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1 year ago