How to MAKE a Bitcoin faucet.

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If you know what a crypto faucet is, chances are you also know how tedious it is to earn any amount of crypto worth while from them.

If you're like me, you would have ignored them altogether.

However, one way of getting more profit out of faucets is surely to run your own! Let your users do the donkey work while you sit back, rake in some advertising royalties whilst paying out tiny amounts of BTC.

As long as one does the maths right and brings in the traffic, what can go wrong?

I recently came across a free faucet plugin on and tipped my imaginary hat to the creator for not charging anything for it.

Of course, there is the 'premium' version you can pay for.

If you're as in to Wordpress as I am, you'll know that these days companies and individuals charge for all sorts of basic plugins, fancy looking 'themes' and pretty much anything they can. It's refreshing and encouraging to see good, free content that doesn't have a paywall or 'free trial period.


According to the creator the plugin allows:

'owner exchanging traffic to small rewards, re-capitalizing on the banner impressions'.

Let's hope his coding is better than his english!

You can download the plugin for free here.


You can see Trofimov's 'demo' here to get a feel of the possibilities and try it out for yourself. This version doens't pay out however (or does it?)

The plugin was last updated 3 months ago and currently boasts more than 300 active installations, which isn't bad. If that was 300 downloads I'd be less convinced but 'active installs' is a positive indicator.

Dozens of faucets are based on this plugin and you can see a list of some of them here.

The template Trofimov has created looks reasonably customisable with pallet options and areas to add extra code (adverts most likely!)

I'd like to make it clear I haven't tested this plugin myself so understand that if you do so, and send bitcoin to the places Trofimov to fund the faucet, you do so at your own risk. 

Saying that, if you do give it a go, hit me up in the comments with a link and I'd love to have a look.

For more information about hosting and website with Wordpress and integrating crypto in to the mix, please read my other post on Making an online shop accepting Bitcoin.

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Faucets are not popular anymore unless they have direct payout and share small amounts for testing purpose.

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1 month ago

Faucets are pretty much a waste of time. I remember some time back coming across some dude trying to drum up traffic to a faucet he had set up. I looked into it and after some math worked out you would have to be on his site every hour, every day for over 2 years before you hit the minimum withdraw lol!! Long gone are the days when faucets were a way of getting a meaningful amount of crypto to start playing around with. You much better of trying to write a good article here or add some good content over in memo/member app. Or just work a hour overtime each week and convert that at the end of the month :-)

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1 month ago
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