Xenith Hits the Mark

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"It's a hit!" the spotman yells yet again as Xenos hits the bull's eye once more. And that would be his second in a row. What made the people exclaim in cheers and exaltation was not the fact that he hit the bull's eye but the manner in which he did it.

The arrow went through another arrow that was already pinned in the bull's eye splitting the already pinned arrow into two equal parts. That was a feat that only someone with spectacular and on-point marksmanship could achieve. And as if it wasn't really enough to prove that he's the top marksman of the Xenius tribe, he short another arrow to the same spot on the target and it went through the previous arrow.

The crowd went wild in the stands and it was clear as the sky that the tribe has chosen a new person to lead their warriors as the Xenith Archer. The Xenith Archer is the highest-ranking official among their military force.

And to prepare him for the huge role to fulfill, he will be sent out to the battle fest that will be held in the Splinterlands capital. Every year, a huge number of monsters gather together to prove themselves worthy in front of the public. They will engage in battle and the survivors will be treated as the strongest monster in the Splinterlands.

Xenos joined a lot of warriors in the ceremony. He looked around and saw a lot of able-bodied and dangerous-looking creatures. He was trying to gauge himself against everyone he meet and he was quite confident that he could perform on par with any one of them.

"First time?" someone came up to him and nonchalantly asked him.

He turned around and saw a creature so imposing when it comes to the looks department. He has a fierce hippopotamus for a head and his overall stature looks intimidating. It's not all brawn and muscles, he was also holding a spell book in his hands. That proves that he's quite the intellect too.

"A bow and an arrow and that humble outfit, that pretty much screams Xenius tribe. Much respect. My name is Sloan, glad to see you here" he continued.

"That is correct," Xenos replied.

The first event was a group battle. Xenos was teamed up with Sloan and some other monsters. He looked around his new team and he found some of them to be dependable, except for the little plant that joined them. But of course, he knew better than to judge a book by its cover.

"Isn't that...General Sloan?" another guy said. He was holding a big-ass shield as he walked toward Sloan.

"How are you doing Shieldbearer Felix? I am counting on you to be the vanguard of this team." Sloan said. "Ah what was your name again?" he turned to Xenos.

"Xenos of the Xenius tribe."

"Ah yes, so I was right. Felix here once joined me in battle and he's quite dependable."

Before they could even make acquaintances of each other. The battles started and another team came up to them wishing for their blood.

Under General Sloan's command, they all went into position and the battle started. It ended as quickly as it started. Xenos nodded to General Sloan, he was in awe of what he does for the team. He strengthens the attack power of the whole team. Sloan also nodded in agreement as he acknowledge the superb marksmanship of the new Xenith Archer.

And this is my entry to Splinterlands Share Your Battle event. For this week's challenge, we are to use Xenith Archer in the battle. Just like how I used him as the protagonist in my little back story above. Of course, that back story is based on a battle which I will highlight in the following recollection.

The Lineup

Here is the lineup that I used for this week's themed battle.

For the summoner, I went with General Sloan.

I chose to go with General Sloan to maximize the attack of Xenith Archer which is a ranged-type attack. General Sloan gives a ranged-attack buff to the members of the team.

In the first position, I chose Shieldbearer.

The Shieldbearer is a good tank because of its high armor and health points. I chose to go with this tank to also protect the Xenith Archer from unwanted damage. Its ability Taunt is a lot of help to accomplish this goal.

In the next line is the Xenith Archer.

He's the first in my line of ranged attackers. I brought him not only because of the week's theme character but also because I'm already acquainted with his skills. I know what he could do with a little amount of mana cost.

In position number 3, Pelacor Arabalest tries to prove he's the best.

What is better than a ranged attacker? A ranged attacker that attacks twice. That's what the Pelacor Arbalest brings to the table. He's a great tandem for the Xenith Archer because they can rain down attacks from above while the Shieldbearer takes the heat from the opponents.

In the fourth position, Venari Crystalsmith stays true to the myth.

Another ranged hitter like the Xenith Archer. I used it together with the Xenith Archer to complete the rain shower of damage. It is also an integral part of the lineup because it can heal the tank while it takes damage for everyone.

In the last position, the Stitch Leech halts to a screech.

I chose this one to augment the ranged attack the Xenith Archer provides. Its melee attack can be felt from anywhere because it can attack from anywhere.

The lineup was complete and when I was ready to battle, I pressed that green battle button to start the match.

I was faced with a Water Splinter-based team and it was gonna be a hard fight because the summoner grants additional armor to the whole team. Ranged attacks don't go through armors like magic attacks.

When both lineups were revealed, I took a second look because I realized that the battle will be harder than I first thought it would be. Because there is a monster that repairs armors every turn. That's gonna be a pain in the a.

But after a few rounds, my lineup proved to be superior and I was able to hit the target to win the match. Although I was a bit disadvantaged when it comes to numbers, my monsters were good enough to hold back the enemies at bay. The Xenith Archer also performed well in this battle. If you wish to see how the match unfolded, then you should click this link for the in-game replay: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_6b270469a3ead9c5c1c559bea8a7f6b6&ref=rbshinichi

But if you want a quicker way to see the match, then you can watch the recorded video of the math here:


My strategy proved to be effective even though the opposing team was heavy on armor. I think that I would go with the same lineup without change if I would face the same circumstances.

I like how convenient this Xenith Archer is to use. With just a couple of mana points, you have a ranged attacker no matter what Splinter you are using because it is a neutral character. See? Convenient.


Thanks for dropping by. This has been my entry to Splinterlands Share Your Battle event featuring Xenith Archer.

I really appreciate your presence here and that's it for me and until we read again...


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