Slashed Prices: Teachers and Runners

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Monday morning and it's time to pursue my career as a world-renowned musician. Well, I say that but the only thing I can really do lately is record demos if not performing in an acoustic tent. Looking back, I have come a long way from that lonely and illegal busker that looks back over his shoulder and plays some songs while the security guards aren't looking. That being said, I am still a long way from my dream of becoming a star, but I still feel that I am on my way to stardom and my star will be rising, soon.

In other words, I opened up RisingStar game on my desktop and went on to the daily missions, I did whatever mission that I can and whatever my energy can afford. I usually do the longest mission that I can do before going down to the shorter missions out there. Isn't that how we usually tackle tasks in real life too? We take on the hardest or the longest one first and then we can freely focus on the small simple tasks, isn't that more efficient? I think it is, at least in my experience.

While running missions, I noticed a little notification in the middle of the page and I thought that it was a really good news for every aspiring star out there.

Oh yes, it's not about the drunks that I was able to lure in with my performance but it's about the Runners and teachers in the game. So what are these runners and teachers do?

Runners and teachers are a really great help in the game especially when one wants to progress in the game quicker than the average run. They are very crucial assets if you want to conduct a "speed run", I believe that's what they call it. It's when you go through the game as fast as you can without really enjoying how it is played and without taking unnecessary detours.

So why are they important?

As you know, every mission in the game takes time to complete. Some can be done in as quick as 5 minutes. Oh wait, 5 minutes is already a long time, ask any man out there. Lol. Some missions are unrealistically long-lasting like 5 hours or so. I could imagine that you will be sore after doing those missions, or whatever it is you're doing for 5 hours or so.

So that means that you have to wait for a variable amount of time before you can do anything with your account again. However, when you use a runner, you get rid of that waiting time and you will instantly finish the respective mission. That's pretty convenient, right?

The same concept applies to teachers. When you do music lessons in the game to boost your skill points, you will also have to wait for a while for the lessons to finish. But when you use a teacher, you can finish a lesson instantly.

See handy these runners and teachers could be? And that's the reason why they are valued at such high prices, a runner that could finish 5-minute missions is valued at 25 StarPro. I don't have to do the math to know that it is serious money. Teachers are even more expensive than that. So you could just imagine my surprise when I saw the notification for the price drop. Apparently, their prices were slashed to just 10% of their original prices. That 25 StarPro runner is now sold for 2.5 StarPro. Quite the deal right?

This is runner Paula which can run 5-minute missions for you instantly. From 25 StarPro to just 2.5 StarPro. That's definitely a great savings deal. I would have bought one if I had any StarPro. But as it stands, I don't have any StarPro yet. I'm still just collecting and saving up Starbits.

Here's another runner or a guitar teacher:

This one will help you finish guitar lessons instantly. From 300 StarPro, it is now valued at 30 StarPro. In terms of fiat currency that's around $111 since as of writing this one, StarPro is around $3.7 per piece. Knowing that the price is already slashed down to 10% of its original price, $111 is still a huge amount. I don't think that I would be buying this one any time soon. I'll just patiently wait on my missions and lessons for now. But of course, if you have the buying power, this is definitely a really good deal that you could take advantage of.

Just let me know how different it will be once you bought your runners, hopefully, they could have a really big impact in a positive way.

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Series    : All About Crypto
Title     : Slashed Prices: Teachers and Runners
Published : 11-July-2022
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Intant guitar lessons are huge! I always do drum lessons for 60 skills. The others are lower

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1 year ago

I can say it's a pretty interesting game.

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1 year ago