Increasing Skills with Guitars

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As I diligently go through the game doing missions and whatnot, I always see to it that I maintain my ego as little as possible. My goal has always been to keep it under 30% as much as possible. The lower the better of course. The lower it gets, the higher Starbits I can earn from the missions I do.

Oh yeah, before I forget, this article pertains to my progress in the Rising Star game. An NFT game that lets you become the musician of your dreams. From a lowly busker to an international musician.

So anyway, I was playing the game one day and I noticed that when I do more missions a day, my ego is inflated bigger than my head could handle, and in turn, the amount of Starbits I earn shrinks smaller than manhood on a cold windy day. That forces me to strive harder to stack up on my Skill points. As you know, if I keep my Skill points high, as in significantly higher than the number of fans, my ego will shrink. So for me to be able to do missions on a regular basis, I need to keep a steady growth in my Skill Points.

There are two ways to increase the Skill points. The first is from cards. This means that I should collect cards with a high number of Skill points. Usually, Skills are present in people cards so I need to get my hands on some people cards. But then again, people cards also come with Fans with them. That being the case, I need to get cards that have a higher number of Skill points on them than there are fans. That could be accomplished if I would watch out constantly on the marketplace and wait for specific cards. If I would rely on opening card packs then there will be a high possibility that I will get cards with a high number of fans and it will defeat my focus of keeping my Fans to Skill ratio of 1:2.

I personally want to have 2 points for every fan I have. But of course, the number will break if I do missions because in that case, my ego will permanently increase regardless of the fans that I have so I have to work extra hard on getting some skill Points.

The second way to get Skill points is by doing Music Lessons.

Music lessons are like missions in the game but instead of earning Starbits, you will collect Skill points in exchange for the time and energy spent. Usually, these music lessons are done in 60-minute intervals.

Take a look at this Guitar Lesson, for example, you spend 40% of your energy and 60 minutes of playing time before completing the lesson. Once completed, you will be given Skill points ranging from 10-20 and an XP of 120. The Skill reward depends on the number of guitar-type instruments you have in your collection. Specifically, the Luck Points on the guitar instruments dictate how many Skill rewards you can earn. The more guitars you have in your collection, the higher that number could be.

10-20 Skill points for 40% energy and 60 minutes isn't worth it, in my opinion. I thought that it should be higher. Well, I can't complain and just do nothing so I went to the marketplace and scouted for some guitars. I had a little bit of spending money since I stopped opening card packs on a weekly basis. In this way, I am able to save up money for the cards I personally want to acquire. I couldn't just depend on my luck opening card packs because I know that I suck in that regard.

Here are some of the guitars that I was able to buy.

The first one I bought was a Des Appaling. I bought it for a little under 2500 Starbits. I went ahead to check if the number of Skill rewards on my guitar missions increased. But apparently, nothing really happened.

So, I bought another one.

I noticed that 10 Luck points added 1 potential Skill reward to my guitar lessons. So from 10-20 Skill reward, it became 11-21 after buying this card for a thousand Starbits. Not bad in my opinion. And that means that I was scammed for that Des Appaling at my first purchase. It only had 1 Luck but it was more expensive than the pink guitar which has 10 Luck points. So if you are looking to buy some instruments, you should pay attention to the Luck points too, unless of course if you are just trying to complete your collection.

The next one I bought was a bit pricey.

The Flame Guitar was a little under 5k Starbits but I think it was worth it because it has 50 Luck Points. That's a significant bargain considering I bought that Des Appaling with 1 Luck for half the price of this guitar. What a shame.

I had a bit more left to spare so I went on and bought another one.

The Semi Acoustic is also around the price range of the Flame Guitar with 50 Luck Points also which was a really good deal. I didn't even think twice about buying that. It was a good deal, so I took it.

Speaking of thinking twice, I really thought several times before I bought this next one.

The Sky Blue Guitar looked really amazing and it also looked pricey. I bought it for over 20K Starbits. Yes, I was a bit shaking when I pressed that "Buy" button. Lol. But I did the math and it's just like buying 4 Flame guitars at the 5k price mark, it also comes with 200 Luck Points so that's a big plus.

After buying all those guitars and refreshing my collection, I saw a significant boost in the Skill rewards of my Guitar Lessons.

From a low 10-20 Skill rewards, I can now potentially earn 26-53 Skill points upon completing a lesson. That's great right? If I did the guitar lesson 4 times for 1 day, that will be equivalent to a rare people card with 100 Skill Points. I'm content with that, as of the moment.

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