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First Day Out

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2 months ago

Here are the links for the previous parts:

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Melody watched Gabe go on his way through the window. She waved back at him as he tried to awkwardly wave goodbye to her. She smiled while waving and as soon as he turned his back the smile went away and it disappeared into a sorrowful indifference.

"Sebastian, a cup of tea please."

"As you wish mademoiselle, I'll bring it up to your room. " Sebastian answered gracefully.

Melody went up the stairs and closed the door behind her. She stripped down from her clothes and made her way to the bathroom leaving a trail of articles of clothing across the whole room floor. She drew a warm bath and tossed a bath bomb into the water. In just a matter of minutes the bath was filled with bubble goodness. She tried the water by dipping the tip of her toes and it was to her liking. She went in and submerged her naked body into the bubble bath.

She gently washed and scrubbed every inch of her body. She went into the water causing her head to be underwater for a while and as she went back to the surface to breathe, she began crying uncontrollably. As much as she tell herself that she's fine, that she has moved on, and that everything is okay, she could not shake the feeling that she's devastated and every fiber of her body still feels betrayed by Mark.

Sebastian heard her crying through the bathroom walls and even though he feels for her there is nothing he could really do for her. He placed the tray which contains the fresh pot of tea and a cup on the bedside table. He tidied up the scattered clothing and went out of his way.

With a bottle of rum on his hand, Mark was trying his hard to hold his barf up. A friend of his came in through the door and found him almost like a drunken blob on the couch.

"What the hell man? That's just a girl. Quit acting up." Gary said throwing a pillow into Mark's face.

"No man. I'll get her back. No matter what." he slurred out.

"I thought you might say that, I got us a plan, everything's ready but you need to be yourself. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Gary said as he took the bottle away from his friend.

Gary then fixed the gun that was between his pants and went out of the door.

The dawn came and Melody was still unable to catch a good night sleep. She was able to fall asleep for a few hours but she was woken up in the middle of the night and she found it hard to get back to sleep again. Instead she just fiddled with her phone and read some cellphone novels from some sites she was following.

She stood up and made her way into the kitchen. She poured herself a cup of coffee and decided to go watch the sunrise on her porch. She comfortably sat on the chair with her feet curled closely to her and took a sip from the cup.

She watched gradually how the sky brightens with the sun slowly peeking from the horizon. She would like to fast forward everything so she could already attend that festival in the evening, but she knows that if time fly by, she will have to go back to the city again tomorrow since it's the final day before her big concert.

She played with the rim of the cup as she pondered on how the show will go. It was a make or break for her and she knows that everything lies on that very show. Her dreams, her future and all of her life is riding on the success of that concert.

She was still worried though that she'll breakdown when she get to the romantic parts of her songs because of the bitter experience she was forced to have earlier that week.

She wanted to call up Gabe to confirm what time they are supposed to meet up later but it just occurred to her that she was not able to save his number. Instead she opened up the Facebook app on her mobile phone and searched for him. Of course, she's using a "fake" identity on the social networking site. She managed to find his profile and smiled a bit upon looking at his Liked pages. There are different fan pages connected to her that he was following.

She then opened up the message box, sent a wave and sent a message reading "Hey Gabe, it's Melody. Just wanted to know what time we're supposed to meet later. xoxo." She then scrolled along random messages and her inbox was just filled with waves and 'hi's' from random people, usually guys from the eastern part of Asia. Although she was using a fake name and information, she was using her own picture with her hair tied up in a messy bun and a large rounded eyeglasses.

She closed the app and went on daydreaming while viewing the wonderful scenery of the sunrise.


We're already on the seventh part of the collaborative story with @immaryandmerry . I would like to apologize for the delay in publishing, I have been quite busy with the rain, and when I say busy, I'm occupied doing nothing and trying to fight against my utter laziness. I'm just thankful that I was able to pull this one right out of the corner of my hat.

Anyhow, welcome again to this humble page, if you haven't read the whole story yet, the previous parts are all linked above, please read them first so you can have the context right.

I appreciate your time spent here and I hope that you will stick to it to the very end and as always...


Reference : Image from Alamy

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Written by   310
2 months ago
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The hell man, why Mark acted like sya ang sinaktan 🙄 ang sarap nyang sampigahin Kudo kudo, at anong binabalak ng Gary na iyan at may pa baril 🙄. Anlaaa, magiging bloody ba itey 😱. And Melody, di pa rin nya malimot si Mark, bat parang mahihirapan si baby Gabe ko dito 🤕🤕

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2 months ago

hahaha hango sa totoong buhay lang daw kasi. Telenovela sa totoong buhay. hahaha

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2 months ago

I was not able to read the previous chapters tho. I am about to read now so I can get the story. hehe! good evening by the way

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2 months ago

Hope you enjoy. hehe

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2 months ago

i will, surely.

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2 months ago