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Pregnancy Becomes History

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1 year ago

Chinese scientists have developed a system that will terminate the pregnancy process in women and even detect possible diseases of unborn babies. This system, managed by artificial intelligence, carries the womb environment of the mother to the outside world. Babies will be able to grow in this artificial womb. For now, however, the system is in early development and far from standardized.

Scientists working within the body of Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, serving in China, conducted a study that will go down in the history of medicine. As a result of their studies, the experts who managed to create an artificial uterus managed by artificial intelligence, managed to grow embryos in this uterus. It is said that the system, which is currently used only for mice, can be made available for humans in the future.

Scientists have literally copied the uterine environment as a result of their work. This allowed an embryo to develop in an artificial womb. Scientists, who use all the molecules necessary for the healthy development of the embryo and carry out their transmission with artificial intelligence, believe that with this study, they can save women from the pregnancy process. Moreover, thanks to this system, possible risks of disease in the womb of the mother are eliminated. Because the system follows the embryo at all times.

This type of work is not allowed to be tested on humans.

There is something remarkable about the artificial womb developed by Chinese scientists. So much so that keeping a human embryo outside the womb for months is prohibited under international law. This ties the hands of scientists. Because artificial intelligence is currently only training on mice. This makes it impossible to understand whether the study will have an impact on humans. However, this may change in the future, and the Chinese can train artificial intelligence with a human embryo.

According to scientists, an artificial womb managed by artificial intelligence is not only preventive for diseases in pregnancy. Experts think that thanks to this system, many negativities related to reproduction, especially miscarriage, can be overcome. Technological developments seem to take the medical world to a whole new level in the very near future.

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Written by   41
1 year ago
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For sure, this would also severely harm the emotional bond between mother and child.

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