The body becomes sick easily because of bad habits.

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2 years ago
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Yesterday when I was enjoying a cup of coffee in a cafe, suddenly someone poked my shoulder from behind. When I looked back, it was an old friend of mine. We were friends since we were kids and often played together, and I never saw her again when I settled in Jakarta. We chatted for a long time in the cafe while occasionally sipping coffee and eating snacks.

She told me that she had worked in the health office. Surely she understands a lot about health. Then I asked her to stay healthy and not get sick easily. The reason I ask this is that nowadays, we have to maintain our health and strengthen our immune system.

She also gave me some tips to stay healthy. From all the explanations I've heard from her, many of the trivial things I've been doing can make me sick easily. Who would have thought, the habit of skipping breakfast can lower the body's immune? Likewise, the habit of consuming sweet drinks that trigger several diseases such as flu and cough.

The bad habits I have to avoid are:

1. Skipping breakfast

Too much busyness in the morning, or being on a diet and intentionally skipping breakfast is not good. This is because blood sugar levels in the body tend to be low when you wake up. Well, with breakfast, I can help restore the body's blood sugar levels. An empty stomach can trigger digestive problems which then lower the body's immune system. In addition, many diseases lurk if I often skip breakfast.

2. Often lack of sleep

I realize that sleep is an important need that must be met every day. A person who lacks sleep will experience several side effects that affect his daily life. Starting from difficulty concentrating, forgetting quickly, and getting sick easily. My friend said that 9 out of 10 people who suffer from insomnia also suffer from various serious illnesses. Some of them are heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and mood disorders.

3. Reluctant to drink water

60% of the human body consists of fluids. Therefore, it is very important to meet the fluid needs every day. Not with colored drinks let alone flavored, but with mineral water or plain water. When you feel thirsty and lazy to drink water, many diseases lurk, ranging from dehydration, thirst, dry skin, to getting cold easily. Drinking water can roll up all the dirt and bacteria in the mouth. If you rarely drink, then these bacteria can run rampant and attack the body's immune system.

4. Lazy to move

She told me that the best way to keep the body's metabolism working perfectly is to exercise regularly. Those who are too lazy to move to have a higher risk of getting sick. Doing regular exercise can improve the performance of white blood cells that function to fight bacteria that enter the body. In addition to a weakened immune system, the effect of being lazy to move can also cause disease due to the accumulation of fat in the body.

5. Often stressed

This is the most important. The hormone cortisol plays an important role in the body to regulate itself. But if excessive, this hormone will harm the body and weaken the immune system. Glucocorticoids are a by-product of stress. Where, can slow down the production of B cells and T cells, the main cellular components of the immune system. If left unchecked, there will be more chronic diseases that can infect the body due to stress.

Those were some habits that I should no longer do because they can have a bad effect on my health. This important information from my friend, I share with you so that you don't do bad habits that can interfere with your health.

I hope you stay healthy and excited. regards

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2 years ago
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