Overcoming Excessive Anxiety Amid the Corona Outbreak

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Good afternoon Readers of read.cash who are always happy. May Allah always take care, ease all affairs wherever you are. My friends, don't be sad, worried, or discouraged by the outbreak of this covid.

"Rest assured, what comes from Allah, will return to Allah as well"

Last year the COVID-19 pandemic for the community was felt by the economic impact that was gradually decreasing. Even though in all nearby cities several businesses have collapsed due to the Lockdown, but enthusiastic people are still trying in any field to just make their kitchen steam. The heart is still happy with a sweet smile even though the pockets are running low.

Last year's pandemic for some people in Indonesia, especially for the City of Klaten, can still be felt calm in their hearts and minds. Because some residents only heard the news of victims who were strewn about. However, when the community is surrounded by the second wave of the increasing Covid-19 pandemic, people are currently worried.

The increase in the government's imposition of an Emergency Lockdown across Java-Bali has made the economy worse off. Anxiety is increasing every day. Every few hours the ambulance buzzes, a sign that it carries Covid victims, from those who have just been exposed to those who have died.

Creating deep anxiety for the discouraged, even some residents affected by the outbreak. Feeling anxious amid a pandemic is a natural thing for some people. In addition, all areas of the order of life have changed completely. For example, initially when praying the rows must be closed. Now, have to keep your distance.

When visiting relatives' homes, they used to shake hands as a symbol of intimacy and forgiveness for each other, now it is enough to cup both hands on the chest. Not to mention all the other rules for health protocols. Starting to wear a mask, washing hands frequently in running water every 20 minutes, keeping a distance, staying away from crowds, even the issue of celebration is currently strictly prohibited.

Especially at this time, the impact of the surge in covid in every area has caused casualties, being the main trigger for someone to feel anxious and stressed. Like a few days ago, a mother who used to buy vegetables also told a story, she was so worried and scared that her tension rose because she found out one by one her neighbors died of covid. Excessive anxiety is a common problem for every Indonesian society today.

Then, how long will it be like this?

How to Cope With Anxiety During a Pandemic? Especially for the elderly who are so vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus?

Let's see together tips for Overcoming Anxiety in the Elderly When the Covid-19 Virus Soars

1. Don't dismiss anxiety

Yes, anxiety is normal. However, we can divert excessive feelings of anxiety by looking busy. For example, cleaning the house, sweeping, watering flower plants. You can also start growing vegetables in your yard. For some housewives and the elderly, cooking is an exciting activity.

2. Stay away from negative news

So far, all access to the spread of the virus has come and gone, whether from social media, or just word of mouth. If you want to access news on the internet, be sure to visit the official government website, if necessary.

3. Stay Active With Sports

One of the activities to avoid negative thoughts that can be done is to do activities. For the elderly, light exercise can be done, namely walking around the house in the morning. Then sunbathe for about 15 to 30 minutes it will be better.

4. Eating Healthy Food

I often advise Mother in particular, to keep eating healthy and highly nutritious foods. Types of green vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, long beans, and kale. All vegetables contain vitamins C, E, and Zinc, and take adequate vitamin supplements. Because all of this is needed to maintain the body's immune system.

5. Keep Thinking Positive and Fun

In addition to the steps above, we need to keep our hearts and minds calm, and happy. Well, how? You can listen to music about nostalgic songs and others. In addition to entertaining yourself, don't forget to always pray, dhikr, pray, ask Allah for protection.

May we all be spared from the Corona outbreak and may this health disaster pass soon. Don't forget to follow the health protocols. Warm and healthy greetings always to you wherever you are.

The Lead Image by: https://unsplash.com/photos/PpZasS086os

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