Culture and Dominant Ideology

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5 months ago

Greetings folks, Again i came up with an interesting article. I hope that you will find it interesting to read.

World is advancing and the CULTURE term is fading away. Technology is taking place of culture. The GLOBAL VILLAGE can be the prominent reason behind fading away of culture because due to advancement and technology culture is being vanished from the human society and humans are more indulged in online moods.

We can say that this is war between culture and dominant ideology. Here, my means for ideology is the ideology which we perceive from elite class of the society who ponder more for the modernization of the society and they consider CULTURE an outdated term.So, we can say that advancement come from ideology and this ideology is from elite ideology.

Advantages of Culture:

1-Culture gives a nation its identity

2-it gives them diversity to groom in the environment.

3- Culture provides the basic values necessary in particular environment.

Drawbacks of Culture:

1-If more ethnic groups are living in one nation then culture can be reason of inter-ethnic fights which are mostly severe.

2-Culture most of the time become reason for superiority complex.

Closing Thoughts

Culture comes from Soil and elite ideology comes from Elite class and both of them mostly have fight. Culture can be good and can be bad for the people of society.


No matter, Culture is extremely important for a nation but at the same time technology is also important. People cannot deny that they can live without technology in the modern world which is constantly changing and bringing new technology.

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5 months ago


Technology really brings great changes to human life now, and we cannot blame everyone for upgrading too.

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