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¿Podemos aprender de los niños? ¡Por supuesto que podemos!

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8 months ago

Como los adultos tenemos más experiencia que los niños y ya hemos vivido muchas cosas que ellos solo experimentarán en el futuro, tendemos a pensar que solo tenemos que enseñar a los pequeños y que ellos no tienen nada que enseñarnos.

An adult may have a lot to teach a child yes, like practical things, their values, customs and beliefs, but there are things that children understand much more than most adults, and that they can teach us masterfully.

You know when you start learning something new, but something that really piques your interest? A good example is when we start learning a new language or hobby. Everything related to that new subject interests you, you want to share what you've learned with the people you care about and pay attention to all the details that relate to it.

This happens to children naturally and with all kinds of subjects!

The younger the child is, the more delighted he is with things and looks at everything with an incredible curiosity !!! Children have the beautiful ability to look at things and people with delight, with curiosity!

It is enough to look at a small child to realize how immense is his capacity to be enchanted and to surrender himself to discovering every little thing that exists in the world. The beauty of seeing a bird in the middle of the day, the rain, the plants, another child: these are examples of things that can be a source of enchantment and investigation.

Sometimes this is all that is needed for adults to live their lives with more satisfaction, with more happiness: to be enchanted again with the little things, with the simple gestures, with the victories of everyday life.

Percibe las cosas con la alegría de un niño cuando finalmente logras hacer algo que no podías hacer hasta ahora, o cuando ves a tu mascota, la naturaleza en medio de la ciudad o conoces a alguien a quien quieres mucho.

A veces estamos tan cansados ​​y atrapados en nuestros problemas que ni siquiera nos damos cuenta de que estas cosas simples pero importantes están sucediendo a nuestro alrededor.

Reconectarnos con el niño que alguna vez fuimos, y que todavía existe en nosotros, ¡puede ayudarnos a mirar el mundo que nos rodea y ver su verdadera belleza!

¡Hasta la próxima! Gracias por leerme.

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Written by   18
8 months ago
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Of course, my friend, we can learn many things from children, but for that we must change our attitude.

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8 months ago