Laziest "Gameplay" During Busy Days

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2 years ago

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I really cannot emphasis enough how time drained I am!
well actually I can.... if you have seen some of the busiest events going through...

And I cannot help but feeling sad that I totally have no time to chip in for #splinterland battles

I think I am literally back at the total bottom; but goodness at least I have SPS staked and I am not losing out entirely... maybe I should rent out all my cards later

So what do I do? Sit there, whine and demand for more time?
which is highly impossible at the moment

Neh... gone with the days of crying; time to jump into high risk for the "easiest" game.

Don't judge me, but the price was too good to reject 😂 for it has gone down by almost 50% of its last lowest price, how can I resist?

If you have read my previous post regarding acquiring a HERO NFT, then you will know that I the 2nd card, which is supposedly to be much better than the first card, is actually cheaper at least by a good few $JEWEL tokens. How could I resist?? 😂

According to the stats that I am still learning from, it really looks like a good buy with high ratings.

Thanks to $STEEM 's recent sudden price up, I was enough to gather the last bits of $STEEM and some $HIVE (with a bit of a weaker side of price unfortunately) to get this new card.

Looking at the result, seems that this "pair of sisters" had a good start together! These were some of the ingredients that I wasn't able to find with the first card. Hopefully with the help and strength of this new stronger card, I can upgrade the NFTs a little better.

And to make things better?

I don't need to strategise and battle! Well, at least not at the moment. It is just 2 clicks with around 2 cents USD worth of $ONE token, I can get my quests done and harvested.

And if I am hardworking, I can do that around 3 (?) times a day. I am not 100% certain but my 2 sisters of #teammalaysia family definitely know more about DefiKingdoms than me.

Overall, I am happy. And I hope with that I can get more opportunity for mining features in the future.

In the mean time, my wallet is is empty again haha....

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2 years ago


Oh wow. Most of my friends now are playing it. Now I'm curious.

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2 years ago

yeah it is because you don't have to spend the whole day playing it. And the DeFi packages are pretty good and promising too.

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2 years ago