Time to Say Goodbye to Little Pegasus

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11 months ago

Yes, the time has come...

If I could afford to keep you, I would have.... but you are too exhausted from hauling us from hospitals to hospitals....

I truly hope that you can have a "more retired life" 450km away from me; and I pray that you will survive the entire journey all the way up there too.

Saying goodbye is hard

Never easy because of all the memories that I have been through with this car throughout 16 years can actually be bind up into a small novel; from saving my life 16 years ago from a car wreck (briefly mentioned in my recent post), to hardly any scratches from all the tiny little bumps along the years that I have encountered, to running hundreds of miles with parents just to seek medical advice and assistance; even up till yesterday little pegasus is still serving us, taking my mom to see our family doctor to check on her h-pyloric medication and seek advice on her next 2 weeks antibiotics treatment.

I even had the privilege to use its cool dashboard feature to easily record some of the VLOGS I made before while driving to practices.

So many memories...


Little Pegasus never stopped serving...

Therefore, neither should I.

From the same family and with a longer and bigger compartment, Little Pegasus' sibling, just so happened that it will have the exactly same birthday (if not mistaken) as L.P , with the same coat of colour, I hope that it too will be able to withstand the tough journey ahead like its older (smaller) "big sibling".

As I have expressed in my previous blog post years and years ago, that L.P belongs to the LORD and we will serve HIM together, I will dedicate B.P (Bezza Peggy?) the same, and I hope that the next 9 years (at least) will be filled with great memories too!

Its first task is already attempting to take on wheelchairs soon, while I am about to visit dad and introduce the new "family helper" to him

Honestly I am a bit anxious of the new sibling, because auto cars requires more services than manual cars!

Good thing that there seemed to be 3 service centers within 10km radius where if there are any hiccups of B.P , I will be able to send it for checkups immediately!

Now I have to learn this "young chap" all over again, and I think this will probably take more of my evenings. Definitely not as easy as a manual.

My heart is pounding to see the new chap, and my heart is broken to say goodbye

But the more pressing thing is, I must make sure I can continue to service my loan so that I can continue to keep it for the next 9 years!

I know I have been slacking from writing for there are just so many things happened to the point that I was just too exhausted to do research and write extensively.

Even my noise.cash is slacking on micro updates (when I don't have time to take on full blogs), I can hardly keep up with daily micro-blogging even... 😅

Nevertheless, I will try!

For the sake of all the expenses, debts and mortgages, I will write on! 💪
I just got to harness more energy! 😆

Enough rambling; time to pack up a few more things at L.P and make sure everything needed is not left behind.

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11 months ago


Aw. At first, I thought you had a Pega. Lol. Anyway, good luck to your new car.

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11 months ago

haha... L.P has was named 16 years prior. Pega Axie hijacked the name on crypto space haha.

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11 months ago

Wow, that is such a bittersweet story! It is indeed hard to let go of things that have been with us for a long time.

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11 months ago

Yeah, not only just a long time, it was full of good memories. If something long without memories it would have been easier to let go haha.

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11 months ago