It Is Time - Defi Kingdoms HERO - Jumping into a P2E Journey!

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1 year ago

How can I resist the opportunity??

There was a time when I was so heart broken when $JEWEK spiked to a $20 per JEWEL and I was definitely not getting a HERO to try out the quests when HEROs have a price range of minimum 40 $JEWEL per basic HERO! And that was before Quests even started and everyone were just too excited for it.

Now with the price finally on a proper consolidation, it is time to roll up my sleeve and dive into the rabbit hole for the lowest priced HERO I could find, and hopefully, it will bring more profit for me to accumulate for my down-payment as the clock is ticking!

The unappealing character - Is it good or bad?

Even though with massive discount, my reserves are still limited; with the cheapest offered in the market, I was really contemplating to take on this HERO NFT or not.

Looking at her traits

However thanks to a good few YouTube videos, I got to understand the role of this card offered. Being a Wizard as the primary genetic with fishing and endurance specialty, moreover this is still a Generation 2 card with still 4 summon capabilities, this looks a lot like a good deal despite it has no XP (Experience)

Knowing that she could actually gain faster XP via fishing, with the latest quests available for fishing as well, this doesn't seemed to be a problem.

Moving my funds around

In order to get enough JEWEL available and knowing that the Harmony chain is quite troublesome to access via common bridges. I was planning to move the HIVE tokens I have obtained into $ONE coin in; unfortunately Binance's sudden withdrawal suspension of the ONE coin, I had to think of another way ( is more expensive)

But favour is on my side today! Realising that Terra chain and Harmony chain has come to an agreement of collaboration, no time was wasted and I straight away went on to get UST instead.

At this time, I got to use some brain juice to figure out how the whole process works, thankfully with some BNB spared in the centralised exchange, my trading fees were a lot lesser and I managed to get more than enough UST out to acquire a HERO and also create a Farm for JEWEL-UST to recover transaction fees (loses)

Quickly I just went to the "Tavern" and acquire the HERO that was sitting there before she was snatched away!

And the rest was history. WHEW!

Time to Start a Quest!

Newly acquired, full of stamina, I wouldn't want my HERO to sit idly doing nothing, immediately I went to the "Professionals" in the module and I came to this pretty pixelated images where you can see current and upcoming quests available!

Having the traits of fishing skills, of course the first quest would have been Fishing! At least I know (and hope) that the skills are not wasted.

Scrolling down on screen in the fishing quest mode , there I can see I have can have at least one HERO to run the quests. Thankfully I do not need a team to do so!

Since each Stamina costs is actually 5 per attempt, being the first to try out, it is best not to overly exhaust the stamina as I have no idea what other possibilities would happen.

Turns out to be each quest actually relies on gas fees! Although after execution the gas fees is a tiny bit cheaper, it still costs around 37 cents per game.

In the end, it seems that I got a pretty good loot and gained some experience for the NFT!

Once clicking over the catch, I get to know a little more. Moreover this fish seems to have future use so I might as well just keep it aside first, and it sits tightly in the inventory for future adventures.

I still had some additional UST lying around doing nothing, and with enough JEWEL to pair with , I might as well try to farm some $JEWEL token to cover all costs.

All in all, how was the experience?

Other than the troublesome routes to and a little more expenses, at least I can see there are still ways to move capitals around from one earning point to another passive income station.

Will I be able to earn fast enough to cover all the costs? Time will tell. In the mean time, thankfully $ONE gas fees is still very low. I am not certain how the gas fees are calculated for Avalanche chain later.

How about you?

Would you be expanding your P2E journey with this game-fi platform?

Do you think Defi Kingdoms will run far as it gears up to an expansion supporting another chain just like how Splinterlands has evolved throughout the years?

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1 year ago


Alright, you've got me intrigued. If the cost for a Hero is really low enough, I'z gonna getz me one!!! And if I become poor, homeless, and have to sell organs to survive, it will be all your fault!!!!!!! (Joking, obviously)

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1 year ago

hahaha, if you became poor, I won't be anywhere far off well than you either.

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1 year ago