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Bitcoin Cash Project:Give Smile to a Kid"The 9th Beneficiary"

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3 months ago

Yay! We are down to the 9th Beneficiary. So glad that it is still surviving in this Volatile Crypto World lol.

This Bitcoin Cash Project of mine has already give smile for how many kids so far.

And I'am happy with this. Like what I'am always saying "Sharing is caring, and blessings will keep on pouring".

At least in my own little way I can help our very own Bitcoin Cash in terms of Transactions. And at the same time spreading the love of it too.

Everytime I finished an Article I will always share it on my FB and Twitter. As we all know and expected especially on FB, people will hardly believe.

They will just ignore your post and some will just read it and thankfully there is a few of them who will like the post.

There are many scammers in this world that ruin the cryptocurrency. They will be pretending to be legit and then they will run people's money. Bringing shame to the Crypto World and Universe.

And because of that, Everytime we post about Crypto people will always assume that it is a scam.

There are many of them who are still not aware about the Crypto World and Crypto wallet. They didn't know that in just one tap of our fingers we can easily send money through cryptocurrency.

Although Crypto is Volatile but when it pump and go to the moon we can earn unbelievable profits.

I'm so very thankful that I joined, giving me knowledge about cryptocurrency world.

Not just knowledge but also an opportunity. The door is very wide open for those people who are willing to learn and take a risk.

And I'm so glad that I'am still earning and forever be thankful in this platform may God Bless and pour bountiful blessings to and and for the coming projects that soon to be build.

A blessing of Success is what I'm praying for.

And now let us all again reminisce those kids who Smile on this Bitcoin Cash Project of mine.

They are my first Beneficiary when my Bitcoin Cash Project was launched last February 14, 2021.

They spend the Day with Mc Donald and Black Forest Cake during Valentine's Day.

Here's my second Beneficiary. They are very happy to buy their favorite foods.

Yum and her baby Brother was my Third Beneficiary. They Also had a MC Donald Day and a little packed of Milk and Diaper for the baby.

Baby Afreen From Bangladesh is my Fourth Beneficiary. So far she is the most charming baby that I ever met.

They had a Chocolate Picnic and enjoy the day with her cousins.

My Fifth Beneficiary is this cute little kids. They had a Spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog Day from Jollibee and added with fries. They are very happy with this.

My sixth Beneficiary is Baby Yuri and they had fun during this Day because her dream Pizza Day has came true with cucumber lemonade and fries.

She spend the day with Mom, Aunt and Cousins.

My seventh Beneficiary is Jael and they bought his favorite Chicken Joy Bucket meal and Fries at the Jollibee. He spend this Day Happily with his siblings.

And they are my 8th Beneficiary. The kids of Razel and I forgot their name hehe. A bucket of Chicken Joy was also their favorite. So during this Day it is a Jolly Chicken Joy Moment for them.

And look at their smile. So very happy to eat their favorite Chicken from Jollibee.

And now let's all meet my 9th Beneficiary.

She is baby Xzeon the daughter of May @Xzeon here in and she used her baby's name as a username.

This is the proof that she recieved the Bitcoin Cash that I send to her which is worth of $20.50. During this time the market is still green.

May decided to have a burger and siopao Day with Chuckie, the all time chocolate milk drink that every kids surely love.

May prepare all the ingredients in making burger.

And baby Xzeon like the burger very much especially that she spent this Day with her family.

And another day has ended with a smile. Another Journey has been unfold. And I'm so glad that I still able to give Smile to all this Kids.

Their innocent laugh and charming smile always touched my heart.

And Thank you for always being with me. Let's all meet again on my next Beneficiary.

leejhen 💞


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Written by   454
3 months ago
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