The Grievous Land

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3 years ago

An aesthetic place but has a grievous land

A land so soft, yet in the eyes so dry

Land with holes inside at levels so high

Created by working people by hand

When the sun has not yet touched the grassland,

The peaceful morning was broken, but why?

Alarming the land is not what we try,

But protect the people and their homeland

A tragedy that took so many lives,

Broke many bones, and broke the people’s hearts

Now what can we do to make them feel light?

To remove the pain and all those sharp knives?

We may not bring back what was torn apart,

But we must believe we can win this fight


This is poem is written for what happened in Naga City, Cebu. The landslide that took lives of many residents of that place early in the morning.

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The incident was really heartbreaking. The land took many breaths that day. It was terrible.

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3 years ago