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3 years ago

Lying down on this spider’s web, entrapped,
Couldn’t escape no matter how I try,
I am strong and mighty, I wonder why.
I want to be free than forever wrapped.
Now, I figured that I am too inapt,
For situations like love, I don’t comply.
She said “nay”, yet I still surmise an “aye”.
Up to this time, I still look at you, rapt.

I admit, I hate the way I love you,
Couldn’t stand cause you have no words to say.
All of you, it’s just too good to be true,
But for now I must declare an endplay.
Oh Novacane, I don’t know what to do,
Should I just stay or should I walk away?


This poem I wrote is about a story of mine about miserable romance. I wrote this to express what I have felt for a really long time and what should I do about it.

In the first stanza, I pictured myself as a prey trapped in something, I couldn’t let go of no matter what I try to do. Even though I may look strong, I’m too weak to let go.

In the second stanza, I showed how I affected I am to her that I hated myself for loving her too much but I finally, thought of making a final decision: to wait or to move on. I also visualized her as a novacane. Novacane, also known as Procaine, is a white crystalline powder used chiefly in its hydrochloride form as a local anesthetic in medicine and dentistry. You ask me why I see her as a novacane? It’s just like taking one to discharge any pain but as I take more and more, the side-effects take in and I end up hurting myself.

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Did you right this same day when you posted it? Or was this a poem you made long time ago? This is beautiful 🥺

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3 years ago

I can feel your pain😢 What a painful poem. Tho i like it

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3 years ago

thank youuu :(

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3 years ago