Her Gloom Within

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3 years ago

She takes a deep breath and counts up to three

Before wearing the smile laced in deceit

And native to her lips, she leaves it be,

Threatening to fall with every heartbeat

She goes on with her day, locked up but free,

Feigning happy from her head to her feet;

She’s comforted by sadness and defeat

Lulled to sleep by cries and melancholy.

Can’t you hear her shouting, calling your name?

She’s reaching out so reach out, just the same.

Be there for her, put yourself in her shoes;

When she thinks of giving up, make her claim

(To fight for her happiness — that she’ll choose.)


When I asked around for topics to focus on, a friend suggested that I write about current issues for my piece to have more of an impact resulting to the creation of “Her Gloom Within,” based on loneliness and ultimately, depression.

"You are worth more than your darkness."


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I love it when you write literary pieces hahaha how old are u!

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3 years ago