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3 years ago

You‘re the crayon to a very dull book

In every color, in every hue

Different colors remind me of you

I hope you are in everywhere I look

On my blank page, crayon is what I took

When I am happy and I am in blue,

You, the yellow knows what I have been through

Then in green, I am in peace; I am hooked

Mixing colors is part of what we have

In my yellow and fear, you are my red

You tell me to keep going; to be brave

Independent and strong, orange outshined

But you were lost and your presence is crave

And now, my color has slowly faded

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Reading this gave colors to my day haha great article!

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3 years ago

Great poem, it made my mood full of colors for a moment. Keep writing more.🎉

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3 years ago

Thank youuuu!

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3 years ago