Crypto Project Review: Uptrennd coin

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First, I was in doubt that it is not real, but by the time I got a lot of proofs, that's why I take more intrust in it.

I searched a lot about online jobs, but one day I saw a person share about it on Facebook then I started a search on it, and finally, I joined it. Because of it, I learned a lot of things... I did withdraw in my wallet, but I didn't enjoy money till now....

I want to tell you about uptrennd...

Introduction of Uptrennd

Uptrennd was founded in January of 2019 by Jeff Kirdeikis, who is a crypto-enthusiast and is additionally behind the world’s largest crypto Facebook group “Cryptocurrency Investing”, and also a host of “The Bitcoin & Crypto Podcast”. 

Then a small number of other crypto believers joined it and by this, they started to build uptrennd.

It is social media that puts you first:           

  • Your times deserves to be valued

  • Your privacy has the right to be secure

It is a platform having four foundation pillars

Distribution of wealth, freedom of speech, equality of opportunity, and data privacy

How does uptrennd work?

Here you have to make a post and to read other people's posts, do comments and upvote the quality post, and comment and downvote the non-quality stuff.

If you did any plagiarism, non-quality posts, then you will be punished and losing points.

Votes are totally free you can upvote to quality stuff without losing your own points. You can encourage other people to work by a comment on their post and upvote them.And here where level comes to play.

As you advance in levels, the higher your level, the more points you can earn per upvote.

At level one, 1 upvote = 0.45 points

At level two, 1 upvote = 0.495 points

At level three, 1upvote = 0.54 points............

At level sixteen,1upvote =1.125 points. etc

1 point=one 1Up token

On 2Up Tuesday you will earn double points than your regular day.

With these points you can level up, you can exchange it...or purchasing the advertisement placement in the sidebar, and also boost up your post... 1 point used as the promotion will highlight your post for 10 views 

How to earn points on uptrennd.

Points are earned by:- receiving an upvote on your post or comment

Receiving donation from the guardians

Daily activity bonus(visit 10 pages daily)

Monthly and weekly contests.

By using your referral link(50 points)

By playing games on uptrend telegram

Will there be more halving events??

Yes, every time 100M tokens are introduced into the circulation, the rewards drop approximately 50% .

Where to buy or sell 1up?

Let's further know about 1up

You can exchange your points to get 1Up or you can also purchase it.

For the moment, 1UP is listed on P2PB2B, Idex, and Altilly. Uniswap.

Uptrend Coin Supply 

Uptrennd pre-mined 1,000,000,000 tokens which are kept in cold storage. The  1UP tokens will be moved from cold storage only when users on Uptrennd will withdraw tokens from their points earned. Uptrend currently has a circulating supply of 144,559,931 out of 995,554,318 according to coingecko.

Where to keep 1up token: main is trust wallet and metamask .

Uptrennd is much more than just a platform

Here we are like a family. you will be appreciated because of your quality posts. People will give you more ideas. You can make new friends. you are free to talk about your point of view about any will be rewarded because of your talent .you can enjoy a lot of communities.

You can join different telegrams group where you will learn more and ask questions about any issue.

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I'm also there, here is my profile in case you want to subscribe

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I have already followed you on uptrennd. Well, it's my first to see here.

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Thanks! If you wish you can let me know your profile Or maybe I'm already following you there)

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Followed and uvpoted. Is it you on photo?))

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Not at all. It's from google.

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Gracias por compartir tu experiencia, investigare mas sobre el tema

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