My BCH Journey in Two Weeks

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2 years ago

I. My Total Value of BCH

I can't believe it. I'm just a Grade 11 student, and I earned 0.02 BCH without invites. Unlike to the apps that I used ever in my life, and are the only sites that I earned 0.02 total of BCH without invites.

So for this article, I will make my documentary on how I started to earn through their sites and what are crazy things that I did just to use my BCH precisely.

II. What is the real me behind the name kingofreview?

I'm just a Grade 11 student, fanboying over BLACKPINK, answering modules for my own success and finding apps or sites where I can earn online.

III. How I discovered

Once upon a time, there was an ugly fat boy named, "Charles". He only want to use phone everyday, lying on his bed, and he being always lazy doing his modules.

And one day, he was surfing through the social media then one thumbnail hooked his sight. He watched the video because he badly wanted to earn money. The vlogger said that we can earn by tip from other users and it will be directed to your own wallet.

Of course, he said that it's now his time to earn extra money. He signed up then after he already typed his verification code, he started to post anything related to BLACKPINK and he didn't expect that he will get free tips.

He was overwhelmed that time. This man never thought that he can't earn instantly using that site. He is now always using it instead of Facebook. He is always surfing through that site and because of that, he is now too lazy to answer his modules.

It doesn't mean that he is lazy, he will now precisely ignore his modules, but he is answering less efficient unlike before. Honestly, no one information insert to his brain when he was answering his modules. But when he is using his, he will gain tips coming from the admin and some nice users. That's the worst part of his life, you know.

III. How I discovered

Here is the first day that I discovered At first, I didn't care. Before I found, this site is the first thing that I found.

When I decided to use since I have a little background about writing, I said to myself that I must try to make my article. At first, I tried to write my experience about being a blink.

I'm inspired that time because almost of their article were received some a big tips that apparently a dollar rate. I'm being more inspired that time. I motivated myself, "I can earn even more. Just believe into yourself."

So apparently, I made my second article. I want to feature my favorite artist. I made full effort but as I expected, I didn't get any amount of tips.

Then I published my third article which is from noise. I didn't expect that I had already earned a simple amount of tips that time. Of course, I'm happy.

Here is the link where I told my story about my blogging experience:

IV. How hard to use cryptocurrency as a student?

When I got my tips, I just realized that I can't cash it out or even transfer it to my GCash account. I insisted my mother to verify my account, but she always provokes that she is not interested, and she doesn't want to be involved at my verification process.

I feel devastated at that part. I don't know what to do at how I will transfer my funds since wallet needs my video of mother giving me a consent.

I tried to contact my classmate but I'm hesitant if I will trust her or her mother will agree to use her account for me to transfer it on GCash so I made my third option which is my past neighbor.

I contacted her and she always diverts the topic when I pleased her to borrow her account to send my funds to GCash. She is one of my trusted neighbor but I think she is hesitant since giving an account is too risky and dangerous. I understand her but she didn't seen my messages. I think she was very irritated because I always annoying her to give her account.

I'm too sad. I asked myself, "Where I will send my money? How I will cash out if I have no ID?"

I tried to ask to my subscribers on what will I do and they said that I must find a trusted acquaintance that has a account. They also said that I may try to please my cousin or auntie who is 18 years old to be my guardian.

Honestly, I don't follow their suggestion. I have no cousin or auntie to be my guardian. If I used them to be my guardian, I'm sure that my mother will be mad. I have no choice but to find another mother.

Hehe, just kidding. I just need to find another wallet where I can store my earnings.

I found but I'm doubtful because transferring through their platform is a great risk. Even they have a great reviews on YouTube or what, I think I must not fully trust them.

The things that I must consider for me not to continue are the following; a) bitcoin transfer fee, b) they may turn into scam and lastly c) transferring into another account is a great risk that I don't want to conquer.

I find another site then I found Binance. I just feel a hope because finally, I can now use that wallet for trading and selling my bitcoin cash into my GCash account.

I searched if there were truly no ID verification and I concluded that it's legit. You will only do a step by step ID verification if the value of your BTC is 2. But I think I will not reach that value since I only starting. I can't earn that large money. If I had already 2 BTC then I would be a millionaire for sure.

V. My Open Letter to The Admin of These Two Sites

On behalf of the admins and investors through this site, I just want to say Thank You with all of my gratitude because you made me a great hope that I can earn money online passively unlike to those apps that always leading me on false hope.

Because of and;

  • I became more wise about money.

  • My eyes were open about the world of crypto.

  • I'm interacting at some new strangers.

  • I became more inspired.

  • I learned a couple of this about their articles.

And lastly,

  • I learned that, "The more you give, the more you receive."

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2 years ago


hello charles! I just want to say that you're doing a good job and you've earned a pretty good amount of money considering the time and effort you've put into it the past weeks/month(s) you're using the platform. So as your ate here in, I wanted to suggest several tips you can do. Well, to be honest, I started to actually dive into crypto around the age like yours but then I lose my interest knowing the fact that I can't withdraw it... then boom, the market pumped several years later which I truly regret. Firstly, hodl it. If you can't trade the money for spot trading, try to hodl it. Second, don't invest in scambots na talamak online. It will make you bankrupt. Third, if my projection is correct, try to check onto alt-coins... surely, lalaki value nila in 2 years time. Fourth, since you are using binance, if you can trade, do it. now. try to learn about using trading indicators, learning the market time, and prices.

yun lang, I hope you will got your first thousand soon. :) p.s don't let your money sit, try to trade, invest, exchange make your own formula to trading success pero trade wisely ah but if you think you're not yet ready, just save it for later.

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2 years ago

Thank you for suggestion. The articles that in this platform will gradually help me about trading. I would not invest to other bots since it's too risky.

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2 years ago

This is a great experience. I told my sister about these two websites as well but she doesn't want to, if only she's a persistent as you then she doesn't have to ask money from me 🙄 I'm crossing my fingers for your success.

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User's avatar sc
2 years ago

I told also my younger brother abiut it but I know he is too lazy. Wish you more success

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2 years ago