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Games Are Not That Funny But Kinda Innovative

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5 months ago

Caution: This is a a girl's love thingy and this is my first time to write even though I don't have skill enough to try discovering something. It's only a pure fiction and I'm not a good writer for heaven's sake. I know that I will vomit in cringe if ever I take a look on this one after a few months.

Did you ever stake your heart into a game even you certainly know to yourself that you will lose? Every time that I will look at the kids in the front of the house, my tears eventually shred in grieve while I'm reminiscing the days together with her. I am often smiling harshly at the children playing a Tumbang Preso which is a famous Philippine game since I remember an unforgettable moment. Then suddenly, a pile of leaves eventually blows on the southeast, which resembles upon my sexuality.

My mother was admitted in the hospital while my father is in another house shamelessly feeding his new family. Personally, we are broken family, and I've almost eaten my jealousy since my life is truly miserable like no one treats me that I'm a special. I don't have a father, where I can invite if there were a family day and I don't have a mother who will join me in my wants.

There were some days that I want to give up in life, but my friend Stacey has been always on my side whenever I faced a financial problem. My mother was lying on a dirty mattress, smiling in pain regardless of bunches of dextrose that is attached throughout her mouth. In fact, my friend was the one who is paying my mother's hospital bills, and I'm the only one who is paying the expenses that I incurred during my college days.

Honestly, my father must be the one who are doing this kind of job which is treating me like a princess and giving me the life that I want, but he is unfortunately happy together with his new family. Unfortunately, he broke up a decade ago with my mother just hilariously because he found out that she was raped when they made me.

Every time that he will look down on my face, he couldn't help but to fume in anger. Sadly, he might think that I'm the product of that demonic scenario, even though he blindly knew that I'm his true daughter. He's only minding about the words that the others might say, but he didn't mind how much it could affect me as his biological daughter.

Since my biological father is not on my side, I decided to learn how to show my love my best friend as a rebound. We are evenly became best friends since we was high school, and I also took the college course as her since I don't know what course would I choose from.

I tried to show my love to her for the sake of the game. It's not literally my intention to love her, but it's one of the biggest thing that I want to accomplish since I want to treat her as a part of my life.

As a matter of fact, I'm usually 'in' on her gigs because she is admirably a talented singer, and I'm always following her taste in fashion so she will like me. I'm always her pillow every time that she wants to rest, and we are also kissing each other on the cheeks to show bidding a goodbye even though I comprehend it as a special. But somehow, my secret love story is not a happy ending and it would not be a fairy tale ending because I certainly know the reason why we're not compatible aside from being on the same sex gender.

Fast forward, she gave me a check worth a million peso with her signature as her way of saying of goodbye since she is destined to be on the arranged marriage with her mother's friend. I couldn't help but to accept her offer without doubt since I was in the poverty stage. I want to stop her being married, I want to show my love to her even though I knew the risk that I will faced but I kept shut up.

I understand why she came from this complicated situation since she came from a rich family, and they want to preserve their rich culture and reputation.

“Mommy, I want to eat my m-meals now,” the children tenderly said while she is pushing her hands to my butt.

I'm sipping out my hot coffee when a storm roars and the waves of memories started to mess up. It's been ten years since she went to Australia to pursue her marriage to a 21 year old man and I don't have any updates about her life. Do you think that she will come back? I also tried to search her name on Facebook, but her account is deactivated. Likewise, I also want to contact her family through chats, but I already have a family where I'm holding on as my strength. I guess that I moved on.

Even though I didn't say to her that I love her, at least that's the best thing that I did in my life. Unfortunately, my mother went out of heaven to follow her relatives and that's the reason why I met my partner in life. Relatively, her face and love are only existing in my memory but we are not destined.

-- The End --

Sorry for this non-sense story. Maybe writing a fictional story is not really in my craft. I don't know if I did well.

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Written by   282
5 months ago
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