Mother's Love

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Mother's Love

If there is one great kind of love does exist aside from God's love, definitely it's a mother's love.

Almighty God created a woman so strong and powerful to spread and never tired to give a true kind of love..

She could be a warrior, a soldier, a commander, a master, a preacher, a shelter or whichever role she needs to play.

I'm pretty sure, she will portray them all gracefully.

Mother always there through night and day.

More than a tic tac on a clock each day.

Carrying another life in her womb is not an easy way.

Bring out a child that might her life take away.

She doesn't mind if her one foot is in a pit along it's way.

She take risk her life no matter what other people say.

The most important for her is that, she needs us to deliver alive and keep safe anyway.

She needs to give up all as a mother.

Her passion, career, hobbies, professions, and even her adorable and alluring body.

It doesn't matter if she gains weight and become fatty.

The great achievement in her mind is to be a light, bring out the best and protect the family.

Being a mother is a tough job without a salary.

Most of us doesn't care and nothing to say.

Deep inside her heart, she is wishing and pray.

That the child came out from her bring back the love and don't take it away.

No matter how hard headed we become.

No matter what kind of child are we.

No matter how rude we are sometime.

Still, mother always open her arms to welcome you, hold you tight and make you feel that everything will be alright.

We must love and respect our mother.

Because she's always right there anywhere.

When we are in trouble, mother will be a rescuer.

Risking her life no matter how difficult the situation out there.

Most of the time, mother shoulder half of our pain.

But deep inside her she wants to take it all, to ease her child's burden free and start to carry on.

Even though a big part of our mother's pain came from us.

She just sit down alone and hide, so that no one could see how she cries.

Hiding all the pain and grieving at all times.

We must be thankful and grateful to our mother.

Without them surely we can't able to see what's this life could offer.

Or what kind of life awaits for us.

Enjoying life, nature, and see the sun so bright.

We owe that all to our great mother.

As I, being a child, being a daughter.

I say a little prayer.

I am grateful and thankful for her life.

May God give her a long healthy life.

Let her light still shine so bright, so that she will continue to be the light of our life.

May good God bless her and let her continue to give and spread the true love came from her heart.❤️

I love you Mom this is one of best words as a mother...

everyone say I love you Mom

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A mother's love is the best kind of love in the entire universe ❤❤❤

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A big love 💓💖💗💝💞

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