The Animals in Davao Crocodile Park

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This article is the continuation of the previously posted article: A Quick City Tour in Davao CityGoing to Davao Crocodile Park was the last part of our itinerary for our quick tour of the city. We only spent not more than six hours touring the city.

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The Davao Crocodile Park is considered one of the finest tourist attractions In Davao. It boasts thousands of its self-nurtured crocodiles. Contrary to its name, the park houses different animals like monkeys, tigers, snakes, eagles, fishes, and other reptiles and birds. It showcases a vast collection of crocodiles with its high-end facilities for the animals.


The park has more than five spacious rooms for these carnivorous reptiles. Aside from that, it was the home of the Philippines’ largest crocodile in captivity - Pangil, an 18-feet saltwater crocodile. The word Pangil is a Visayan term for fangs.

That's Pangil

Pangil was before the second largest crocodile in the country. But when Lolong, the 20-feet crocodile, died, Pangil is now considered the largest saltwater crocodile in captivity.


One of the four icons of Davao that symbolizes pride and hope is a bird, the Philippine Eagle. Now the park has different kinds of birds that vary according to their habitat and lifestyle. These are the aerial, arboreal and terrestrial birds.

To name a few, the Philippine eagle, a parrot, ostrich, and a peacock. For the first time, I was able to witness in full glory the beauty of the peacock feathers. It was really beautiful and mesmerizing. He then slowly faced at us then turned around like he was flaunting his butt to us. Haha.


There’s a placard, Dragon’s Den, before entering the area. But fear not, for this dragon will not burn you alive. It is friendly and harmless, and I must say, photogenic. I don’t know if it has only one Iguana in the area or if there are plenty. The area is spacious, so most probably, there is more than one.


While I was busy having a photoshoot with the photogenic Iguana, I saw a Tortoise beside the Iguana, which I mistakenly thought was a big rock. His head was hidden at first, but when his head emerged from the shell, that was when I know that this big fella is a Tortoise coexisting with the Iguana.


Now before entering the dragon’s den, there is a well with lots of cute turtles in it. The well is divided into two. The other part is water and the other one has full of stones, wherein the turtles can either choose to stay under the water or above the ground or stone, perhaps.


I wasn't able to have a close encounter with the charming orangutan though I caught him peeping like Tom. His room has a tree where he can swing and glide in it. The park has a show which they named “Animals Got Talent” but unfortunately, we were too early for the said show.

Siberian Tiger

There are also wild animals in the park. If I am not mistaken, there are four Siberian Tigers in the park. Unfortunately, they were hibernating in their cages. If only they are harmless, I would love to hug them and squeeze their cute big paws.


I was really expecting to see an Alpha Male walking around dominantly, but I saw a sad-looking lioness. I don’t know, but I can see the sadness in her eyes. For a wild animal like her, the same as the tiger, it was rather small for a queen.


The bright and vivid colors of the Koi were refreshing and vibrant to look at. You can buy available fish food in the park and feed it to the school. Expect some splashing as they flip their fins and open their mouth for the food.

I remember one of my classmates wanted to have a picture with the koi. So she came closer, and then the boys kept feeding the koi. Her face was wet though. Haha


Beside the Koi’s pond, there is a mini Farmville in the park - there are domesticated animals like goats, ducks, and rams. There are also native chicken and ostrich in the area. You can feed the ostrich in the two viewing sheds.

Other Animals

There are still plenty of animals in the park. I missed the chance to take a picture or see them since we only stayed there for an hour. Here are some of the animals:

  1. Civet Cat

  2. Wild Pig

  3. Monitor Lizard

  4. Porcupine

  5. Philippine Deer

  6. Python

  7. Leopard Cat

  8. Philippine Sail-fin Water Dragon

  9. Fruit Bat

Also, we were too early for the Davao Crocodile Park 'Animals Got Talent'. The participants in the said show are the Orangutan, Python, Siberian Tiger, Parrot and the Crocodiles. It was about to start, but we couldn’t afford to stay longer since we needed to catch the last boat trip going to Isla Reta.

Instead, we decided to try Lechon Buwaya (roasted crocodile). The meat was really, really expensive - 1000 PHP per kilo. For seven boys and two girls, we only bought 1/4 kilo enough to know its taste. It was delicious, by the way. But I still prefer Lechon Baboy (roasted pig) in Iligan City.

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