Who will you eliminate?

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1 year ago

Hello everyone,

I read an article about this writing challenge from @TengoLoTodo via this [post](https://read.cash/@TengoLoTodo/who-would-you-eliminate-f59e3a2.). I decided to participate by writing this article.

Who will I eliminate? This is a tricky question. But leads me to still ask myself these other questions; Why will I plan to eliminate or kill someone? Do some people merits of being in my list of people to be killed by me? The answer is Yes! Because of their devastating lifestyle or behavior to others. They did not show mercy to others and don't merits my mercy too. Take a look at my list of three person or group of people that I will be eliminate.

Number one: A group of internet scammers.

Teenagers that kill a girl for money rituals. (Pics from internet)

This group of four boys deserve to be eliminated by me. They are fraudsters and engage in fraudulent and internet scamming activities. They are still very young of 17, 18 and below 22. They conspiraced to kill a girl, who happened to be a girlfriend of one of them. Killing her for money rituals. Why will one be killed for money rituals? It's not justifiable and being so young to dabble in such thing is abnormal too. This is so painful to me that I think seriously about this our generations of lazy youths. They wants free money and does not want to work hard for it. Our country, Nigeria is known worldwide by their fraudulent activity and looks like every Nigerian is a fraudsters. Which is not! Their example and more like it, should not be show mercy! Read more about them via this blog: https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2022/1/18-year-old-lures-his-girlfriend-to-a-building-where-he-and-his-friends-killed-and-beheaded-her-for-money-ritual-photosvideo.html.

Number Two: Surajo Mamman

Surajo Mamman arrested by police. (Pics from internet)

Surajo Mamman popularly known as "kuraku" is a notorious bandit and kidnapper. His devilish exploit are devastating. He represent the hardened notorious armed groups that is killing innocent people in my country. Although this kidnapping and banditry started in the south by the activities of militias groups against governmental agencies using the natural resources in their land without some amenities. But for Northern banditry and kidnapping rings which Surajo belongs, they just kill for fun, religious beliefs and ethnicity. He said that he had " lost count of people" that he killed. They attacks farmers, traders and passengers. Even our president boycotted his Trip because of their nefarious activities. I will not show mercy for him and his likes.

Read more about him via this post: https://www.google.com/amp/s/dailypost.ng/2021/09/29/ive-lost-count-of-people-i-have-kidnapped-killed-notorious-bandit-kutaku/%3famp=1

Number Three: Osama bin laden.

Osama bin laden (picture from internet)

Although coming from wealthy home and being trained by US, he chose to be world known terrorist. His organizations al-qheda is still operative although he is killed by special US forces. He still don't merits my mercy because he had a better life but allow vengeful actions to cloud his thinking and motivates him to murder many people. He changes the world order for bad and many people and nations are blacklisted because of his actions.

Read more about him via this post: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osama_bin_Laden


I'm not a wicked person and don't have intention or means to kill anyone but this list of people's activities pains me a lot. They had opportunities to change the world for good but chose evil. Their actions is still encouraging others which is still worst. I know that God will keep protecting and sustaining us - the good ones.

Thanks for reading. I need your encouragement, comments and supports.

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1 year ago