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I reached 100 referrals

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2 months ago

I am happy to tell you I reached 100 referrals. Now the next goal is 200 referrals which I hope I can achieve in maximum 1 week.

Did you start promoting How many referrals do you have?

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I just got 10 but it seems like they are not that active like me in this platform. How did you get that number of referrals? I am very interested to learn from you.

By the way, thank you for recently upvoting my articles. You are one of the reasons why I am still on this platform. Hoping you upvote my next articles. Thank you so much!

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User's avatar Jim
1 month ago

Wow you're a boss, changing lives with this platform. I don't think I know up to a hundred persons but wow, you really went the extra mile. I'm sure they are really grateful. There's no joy in keeping this platform all to yourself so it's really nice that someone has my kind of mindset. I aspire to be like you and in due time I'll get there.

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1 month ago

Hi sir than you for upvote my articles. you are generous person 😘😘

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1 month ago

I do promote but only to those I know they like to write and can write. I do not see the need to drag spammers and scammers over here. It doesn't feel good for me because I am a writer in the first place. To be honest I do not really care about referrals either. Who knows after it's clear what the new face of will be, I am able to explain how it works I make work out of it. 🍀💕

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1 month ago