Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

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1 year ago

Have you ever been in a situation where you were giving some information about something and you just fail to understand it and are afraid to ask for the second time?

This instance is actually a very common thing, we often don't want people to think that we don't understand something after all it is in our mindset that if someone asks for about something or searches for answers then chances are they are either looking for trouble or they just don't understand what it is you are trying to explain.

I remember a story I once read when I was younger I don't remember but it goes something like this.

There was once a two twin boys who lived in the countryside with his Father and Grandmother the First of the twins was called Aengus the second was called Alby.the twins were so alike that the people around them didn't know who was who, even there father would sometimes confuse the two boys, only the grandmother who was there when the boys were being born and took care of them when their mother died was the only one who could tell them apart.

Aengus and Alby loved walking in the fields and climbing mountain tracks, they were in charge of looking after their family's sheep and at night they would sit by the fire in their cozy cottage and listen to their grandmothers stories.

Their Grandmother always told them that their family has been blessed by the old gods with abilities that no other mortal had ever seen. She loved telling the two boys that their lives were intertwined and they are in more ways than one the same person, she believed that the two boys were the spirits of her ancestors split in the form of two.

One day while the boys were in the field herding the sheep Alby felt thirsty and decided to go to the near by spring to get some water, it is there he met with an old man who asked him for some help. Naturally Alby felt a little bit distrustful of the old man because of the fact that he had known everyone that lived around him and there were no newcomers in the little island, the old man asked for water saying that his back hurts and he could not bend that far to fetch his own water, Alby agreed and fetched the water for him, he noticed that the old man hand an eye patch o his eye and was carrying a large pouch and books. he did not say anything and went back to heard the sheep.

Everyday Alby would go to the spring and everyday the old man would ask the same thing from Alby, Everyday the old man would have new and different interesting things around him, as if he was making a small little open house. Alby always wanted to ask about the things the man had, and most of the time he did but never moved on from the one answer her always got.

Days past and the old man had now made a small little hat in the middle of the field where the spring ran, and everyday he would have new things with him. After two Months Alby got sick and had to stay home with his grandmother.

For the first time in years Aengus was all alone herding sheep, there was no Alby to talk to which made him sad. After a while he got a little bit thirst and so he decided to go get water, at first he got lost on the way, it had always been Alby who would go and fetch the water when herding sheep for them to drink while he would roam the land looking for fruits to eat.

As he got to the spring he saw a small hut in the field near the spring with an old man sitting on a chair reading a big book, the old man without looking up said to Aengus " Good fetch me water, you are late," Aengus felt so confused but did as he was told after he had done so he found that the old man had a lot of ncredible items around him that he had never seen before, the book the old man was reading was even more interesting, "What are you reading?" he asked

"The book of Fate," the old man answered

"What's the book of fate," he asked, the old man stopped and looked at him It was then that Aengus saw that the old man had an eye patch."

"You've never asked me two questions before, you sound different, you are different who are you." the old man said as he coldly looked over Aengus from top to bottom,

"My name is Aengus, my brother he is sick right now I am sorry I did not mean to pry I am just really curious, my father tells me that I tend to be too nosy and that my curiosity will bring me trouble, I am really sorry."

The old man patiently listened to him and then smiled he told Aengus that he is allowed to ask anything he desires, and with that Aengus started asking the old man about everything he could see in the old mans hat. finally having had enough the old man burst into a bright light and his rugged cloths turned into gold armor that sparkled, the old man revealed to him that he was the All Father and that he had been looking for the spirit of his long lost friend who died in battle. He told Aengus that he felt Alby and knew that that that was the should but he had not the basic curiosity and thirst for knowledge that his old friend and servant had but now he has found him then they shall be his eyes on the mortal land, his ears that hear whispers in the wind.

Aengus was happy but refused to go with the Allfather without Alby claiming that the two of them are indeed the same but he cannot live without Alby, Odin agreed and in the end they left with the allfather and are in history depicted as Hugin and Munin the crows sitted along side the Allfather.

Comment Bellow :Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

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1 year ago


For me, I really tend to ask questions if I do not understand really what it is. And to me, asking questions is like confirming something too..

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1 year ago

I do always ask questions to know more about it. I really don't settle for what I just know.

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1 year ago

That's good to hear thank you so much for reading

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1 year ago