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ReadCash: How to explain in an easy way to new users so that they understand how it works?

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1 month ago

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day. I want to talk today about some important things, and I know that many of you could give me important recommendations before what I come to raise.

I know that many of us who make life in the financial ecosystem of crytocurrencies have often been asked some things that perhaps could be a little complex to explain to the common person, and when I refer to the common person I do not mean that those of us who are here are not common, but it is very true, and I imagine you will agree with me, that not everyone understands the functioning of the Blockchain and cryptos, and much less if they are people who have focused their lives to the traditional economy.

So, some of those questions I am frequently asked are the following:

Where does the money one earns there come from?

Is that real money or what?

Will I get in trouble if I work with cryptocurrencies?

Is that a scam?

These are just some of the questions I've been asked by people I've told about the possibility of making money/cryptocurrency writing. Many immediately tell me that "they can't conceive that", I think it is largely because they are influenced by the other social networks, where you publish but nothing is earned, we know which ones I'm talking about.... don't we?

Well, in relation to that, I have my particular way of explaining how this social network works to people who don't have any knowledge of blockchain or cryptos, and that is using what these people know to establish some similarities and in a way make it easy for them to understand this platform, so what I do is the following:

We know that a social network like Facebook is widely used, as well as Instagram, we can say that the vast majority of people have an account on these networks, so starting from that I begin to make points of comparison. I tell you that unlike these networks that I have mentioned, in this case of Redcash if you can earn something. But for that reason the creation of content is much more important. It is not just about uploading a photo and that's it, but you must write content that adds value to the platform, that leaves something in the mind of whoever reads it.

At this point people start to understand, but then comes the first block, and then a question: what do I write about, and this, I think, is a key point for people to want to join. Because obviously, many people believe that they need to have read many books or have a professional career to be a writer, and I particularly think that it is not necessary, of course, that facilitates the process, but it is not a unique and exclusive condition, at least not for me.

And I think this is an important point, since the way we can bring more people to ReadCash is by trying to facilitate the process, guide, and create points of connection for those we invite to feel at ease. Well, having clarified this point, I proceed to explain that the way in which we win is by the support of other users, and that at the same time, they also win if we support them by reading, voting and commenting.

This is another important point of the platform, which is not about buying votes or anything like that, everything is based on the assessment of other users, if they like what you write and thus decide to support you or not, that is, community values are much more present here, far above the individual ones. So, this is another point in favor. The other thing that I always emphasize to those who enter or want to enter the platform is that by reading other publications their knowledge increases, because the information that is obtained thanks to the readings we do, is something priceless, and this information is always accumulating in us.

Explaining each of the points to these people is complicated, but we all know that it is a matter of time before it is understood. When I mentioned the fact that I compare it with what they already know, I make a relationship with the publications, because in essence that is one of the things we must do, but also comment, and vote. In the latter I tell them that voting is like the "likes" in other networks, with the difference that from these is that an economic benefit is generated in the other.

With this people have a little clearer vision of the most basic fundamentals of the platform, however, I have not found an easy way to explain to people what the Blockchain is, can you think of something, any way to make a comparison with something that is commonly used and that makes it easier for people to understand it?

I look forward to your comments, thank you in advance.

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Written by   13
1 month ago
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Very nice post! I also use this comparison to explain the difference between Readcash and the traditional ones. Additionally I added that you can take it as a kind of work that you can do in the comfort of your home, doing what you like at the time you have available for it and so I have gotten attention from some people.

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1 month ago

That point is important, it is a way to work, to achieve financial independence. It is a reality, great point. Thanks for commenting.

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1 month ago

I also think it is a matter of time to process the information, because it is not only about understanding the functioning of these new networks but the change of paradigms and beliefs with respect to the traditional economy as you mention in your publication. And that is very difficult for some people.

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1 month ago