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BitPal April update

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1 year ago

Hey! Here's a short progress update on our progress on BitPal and the Flipstarter.

Focus has been on internal improvements, such as:

  • The elixir library has been separated into it's own GitHub repo, and that's where we track most of the issues we're working on. In the future we'll add more repos under the bitpal organization.

  • Generate an unique address per invoice. The algorithm is done, but it's not live yet.

  • Exchange rate plugin system, makes it very easy to fetch price data from exchanges or other sources.

  • A bunch more refactoring, code cleanup, small improvements and more tests.

  • As a bonus, I've spent some hours outside of the Flipstarter hours to look at Monero support, and it should be easy to finish that.

There's still some loose ends to tie up here, and after that we'll look at the api and server we need to make BitPal actually useful.

If you want to follow the development, GitHub is the best way to do that, and I'll try to give regular updates like this.

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