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2 years ago

March has already come to an end; it is crazy just how fast the year is flying by. But as always, the end of the month means my favorite time has come again. This is the time that I calculate all of the income that I have been making in crypto for the month. At the start of 2021; I set a personal goal of reaching a crypto income of $2,000 or more per month.  At the time it seemed quite ambitious; maybe too ambitious. But I have been very lucky and many factors have gone in my favor that have made that large goal go from being something very far off in the distance, to know a real possibility.  While last month I was still quite far from my initial goal; I was able to reach approximately 50% of my end of year goal. It was a big personal milestone for me, and I'm excited to calculate the numbers and see how they stack up for March.

As I mentioned before; there have been some factors that have really helped me a long the way. The first of those being that the price of bitcoin has gone wild the last several months.  This has made lending bitcoin an incredibly opportunity to make profits. Not only that, but I have been seeing good growth on blogging sites; with a few places outperforming my own predictions. And of course my subscriber numbers have been rising, which has definitely helped the effort as well. 

If you are new to my posts, or this series of mine.  I make these crypto earnings posts not to boast, or show off. But I do it to motivate myself, keep records of my own performance and also I hope to help motivate others as well.  While I'm not making enough to become rich yet, it has become a sizable amount that does make a difference in my life, and even more for my future. If I can do it; you can do it as well.  All it requires is having the motivation to put in the work, do it consistently, and it will all work out.

This month as always I have been focusing on blogging, lending and staking. 





Publish0x continues to be very consistent for me and perform very well. I really enjoy the community on this site, and for the most part is a positive place to be. My follower count has now reached over 2,600 and I have found that as my follower count increases; so does the visibility of my posts and this results in my posts performing well on a consistent basis.  I always try to focus on quality, rather than trying to put out countless articles as fast as possible.  To make posting more enjoyable; I usually post about what I'm interested.  Usually this involves bitcoin, crypto income or passive income and so on.  But I talk about what I am passionate about; I feel that has allowed me to hopefully carve out my own niche here. I would recommend everyone who is getting started here to not post something that is just following trends, or even the latest news article.  But just consistently post quality content about what you're interested in, and the numbers will eventually come.  

Publish0x Total = $104.20


Hive / Leo Finance

Hive and Leo Finance has really surprised me the last few months and has become my biggest blogging earner. Last year I had almost given up hope, because I was earning next to nothing there, and was gaining no traction of most of my posts. But that has finally begun to change.  Between Hive and LEO Finance, Leo has been the big performer for me, and I highly recommend joining a sub-community within Hive. It could really multiply your earnings. While a good portion of my posts there still have very little traction, there are a few that have done great numbers. Those posts are usually thought-pieces that bring out a lot of opinions from the readers. These earnings have also been helped by the price of Leo and Hive both doing very well recently. Please check out Hive and Leo Finance.

Leo =  $185.08

Hive =$41.71

Hive + Leo Total = $226.79 has also recently done very well for me. Just like with Hive, last year I was losing hope with, but the last few months it has changed for me. The tipping bot seems to tip well to articles that are of higher quality, and I have been earning the benefits from that. I really like the fact that you can withdraw your earnings at anytime.  It has quickly become one of my favorite sites to use, and I recommend you to use it as well. Total = $116.44



My articles at Uptrennd have been performing pretty well, but instead of trying to monetize my efforts and withdraw my 1up coins. I instead use my coins to level up my profile. My main focus with Uptrennd isn't to make money, but just to build my brand, and bring more attention to my posts.  I have been enjoying Uptrennd much more since they have cracked down on the amount of spam that used to be present there.

Uptrennd Total = $0


I continue posting to substack not in hopes of making any more, but more so to continue to build my own brand and portfolio. It's great to have a page that is mine only, and it could eventually bring new opportunities for me in the future. I'm excited to continue to build this out even further, even though it isn't bringing in any revenue for me.

Substack Total = $0

Blogging Total = $447.43





BlockFi continues to be my biggest earning; thanks to the price of bitcoin continuing to rise. It was always my goal to lend enough bitcoin that when the price of BTC would eventually go up during the bull run, that I would be able to earn the lent BTC to still accumulate a significant amount. Thankfully I was able to achieve that goal.  Unfortunately; BlockFi has decided to lower their interest rates for anyone lending more than 1 BTC on the service. And since I lend more than that and still want to maximize my earnings; starting in April I will be sending a large amount of my BlockFi BTC to Celsius, and potentially a different service. I will still keep a small portion of BTC on BlockFi, but it will now be less than 1 BTC.  

BlockFi Total = (0.01030686 BTC) $606.49



As time has gone on; my fondness for Celsius has continued to grow; even though I'm not a fan of them having their own token. For USA residents, they offer a great interest rate for BTC and I love that you can withdraw your funds at anytime. As I mentioned in the BlockFi section, beginning in April I will be delegating a much larger portion of BTC to Celsius. Because Celsius offers me a 6.20% interest on my BTC compared to the 6.0% I have been receiving at BlockFi; I should see my rewards increase slightly by using Celsius. 

Celsius Total =  (0.000595 BTC) $35.10


Lending Total = $641.59



I have been continuing to stake a small portion of my Ethereum on Kraken into ETH 2.0. I don't receive a huge amount of money doing this, but it definitely still worth the effort. If the price of Ethereum were to increase further; this venture will become that much more profitable. Staking ETH on Kraken is extremely easy and gives a good interest rate. The reason I don't stake all of my ETH here is once you begin to stake it; it cannot be unstated until the ETH 2.0 merger has been fully completed.  Considering Ethereum's past development history, that could take quite some time to happen.

ETH Staking Total = (0.0173 ETH) $32.00


March Total Crypto Income = $1,121.02


As you can see; I had a great month in March and have now reached 56% of my beginning of the year goal of $2,000 monthly. Next month I will with my lending placements a bit, but still focusing on lending, staking and blogging. 

How is your crypto income journey going!? What have you done that you've found success? And what crypto earning methods do you dislike?



As always, thank you for reading!

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2 years ago


You got a whole BTC? Man, you're my hero now. My blogging income streams look similar, though I have my personal blogs, Medium and I never had heard of Uptrend. I joined Uptrend but have no idea of what I'm doing over there. What does evolving your profile level give you?

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2 years ago

This is a very smart strategy peasant. The King is impressed with those multiple streams of income. You will soon have enough treasury to elevate yourself from this serf status. Good job.

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2 years ago

Wow! This is a very inspiring post. To think I was already happy with the $10 that I got from my four articles here. I guess it's time for me to explore publishox.

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2 years ago