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Pride March 2022: "Happy Pride!"

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3 months ago

First of all, I want to greet everyone Happy Pride! This month is a celebration for all gays, lesbian, bi-sexual, straight and trans, and we called it LGBT.

By the way, hi guys! How are you guys coping with the market right now? Are you guys can still breathe? Hahaha.

Anyway, for today's topic is about the LGBT. Every year of this month, we celebrated the month of LGBT and we called it Pride Month. 

What is Pride Month and why we celebrate it?

Pride Month commemorates years of struggle for civil rights, and the ongoing pursuit of equal justice under the law for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, as well as the accimplisments of LGBTQ.

Why celebrate it in the month of June?

It was celebrated annually in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots. June 1969, patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn in New York City staged an uprising to resist the police harassment and persecution to which the LGBT Americans were commonly subjected.

June 28, 1970, on the one year anniversary of the Stonewell uprising, held the first Pride March.

Resources: From the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Anyway... What I was saying again? Ahh, Pride march. Last Saturday, we also celebrate the Pride Month in the Philippines. It happened last Saturday, yet I just posted today haha. Sorry, I got recovered from slight fever haha. I got sick after the event. I thought I will have covid lol. Though, I'm fine now.

Again, back to the topic, before I posted my story we had last Saturday, let me share some story about me (once again haha).

I know, I remember I posted here 2 time, who is a dual gender. When I was a baby, I have dual gender (physically.) I have the male and a female physical form. Wait... Did I have really share this one? I already forgotten lol, anyway, I will just share it again. So yeah.

Before I came out of my mother's womb, the witch "Manghuhula" told them, that they will give birth of a boy, which is that is me. And so I came out, seeing 2 physical form, they don't know if I'm a female or a male lol. And they checked me as they scanned me and operate me, I have a female gender inside my body. And that's the reason why I have 2 gender name as well hahaha. Since my parents thinks, I'm really a boy from the witch, they have already ready the name Joshua, my first name. They get the name Joshua from the bible. Since my mother is Jesusa (Jesus) and my father is John. They just added the name Mariele randomly without thinking after the result that I'm a girl instead of a boy.

As I grew older, I have no interest in girly things. When I was around 9 year old, my feelings to a girl is strange. I like girls. I even fell in love with a girl and even had my first french mouth to mouth kiss LMAO. It was the truth, not gonna lie, as we only tried once, we keep kissing each other until we both got busted and my friend whom I had crush move out because of me haha. Crazy.

Continuation of my story, as I grew older, I even have adams apple, they say its normal, but mine is big like a man. hahaha. And even sometimes there was a little beard growing on my chest that mostly the men have it. Seriously, what am I really? Haha. Oh well... I like more girls. I mean, my love affection, my feelings for them. I always wanted to be a boy. I even want to get transgender but due to my current situation with a lot of surgeries... I guess, I will just pass hahaha.

Aside from having my first love crush, I even had a girlfriend for 6years.. And I already missed her. We got separated because of me, and I was the one let go... You can just read it from my article wait... lemme find it.... Ahh found it..

Yep, I really still love her, but this is all for her own good too..

Anyway, moving on....

I have already shared about me, that I am a TOMBOY/Lesbian.

Back to the topic, Pride Month, Pride March. I've always wanted to go and join the fun but that was the time when my parents always not let me go and join and they always say bad stuff about it. This year, I finally made it and joined. 

What was my feeling back there after arriving in the event? I feel great. I mean, I feel so free. No one stopping you, no one criticizing you, you do what you want to do with your fellow tomboys and gays out there. It was really great. I'm really happy. I said back there; "I'm glad I came. So this is the feeling of being free yourself." It was really satisfying. 

Although, I only came there alone, but I don't care. I don't have any friends or someone I knew in that place, and I don't care. I thought I said, I will just enjoy myself. This is me. Even if it's tiring going around, I don't care, I really had fun and I want to do it again next year (If I'm still alive that is haha). But yeah, it was really fun.

I joined the long parade, I joined some games and visiting the booths, listening to the program, and jammed with the other people.. I wanted to stay longer and wait for the fireworks at 12MN but, you know I still have curfew at this age haha. My OA mother told me to come home before 10. Though I arrived home at 11 due to traffic haha. Ugh.. But it's fine. I will do it again next year, I'll just have to come early next time so I can have the big flags that was distributing before the parade. Though I got one, but only small one.

Alright that's it. I will just share you the pictures I had taken back there. I want to share the video, but it's long and not supported yet in this platform. So I will just send the picture instead haha.

There was a long line where you get a rainbow line draw to your face and I had one.

I really enjoyed it even if I'm alone. even if I'm a solo parader. I don't have the picture of the parade it was all in the video sadness haha.

There was also one time 5pm, while I was resting, I straight to the small amusement part and had a little fun. I even play the throwing ball to get stuffed toy but I only had the keychain haha.

It was really fun, so I said it multiple times. Sorry, it's my first time and I got exaggerated hahaha.

Then at night before I leave, I took last picture of the rainbow colorful tower.

This is the end of my story. I would like to make this happen again next year. I will try to bring a friend next time. Let it be free. And just like what the host said. "Hindi ka SAYANG" (You're not a waste.) That's right and true. Let's all be free and true to our self, don't be shy if you think you're a gay, a lesbian, or a bi. Everyone are equal, we all treat ourselves equally.


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Written by   203
3 months ago
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Happy Pride Month! How I wish na sana makapunta din ako dyan soon ❤🌈

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3 months ago

Sana makasama ka rin sa mga gantong event hehe

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3 months ago

Ohoyyyy Happy Pride month ehe. Wala akong alam na may ganitong cinicelebrate pala. Napapal ng di pala tingin ng news or what. 🙈

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3 months ago

hahaha bihira lang tlga ninenenews to. hehe

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3 months ago