Not all DARKNESS brings negativity!

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2 years ago

Hey yah!! This is my entry about writing an article regarding darkness of @JonicaBradley which is circulating in the community. I make this one not just to be trendy but I want to challenge myself too. And as she said "enjoy" reading! Xoxo

Let's begin asking you a question.

If we talk about darkness, what is the first thing you feel? Or come to your mind?

If you ask me, my answer is FEAR its because I'm afraid in the dark places for the reason that it gives me vibes that many unseen creations will be there and you feel like someone is watching you so you just close your eyes, cover your face with blanket and wait for the light to come back..πŸ˜… (effect of being a horror movie fan).

And let me share to you what I found when I searched its meaning in the internet:

If you all read the above meanings, you will see its all on a negative aspects even evil/Satan mentioned there. If we speak about darkness we always think it

As a positive thinker (sometimes ha-ha), I just want to think the other sides of darkness, the light within it.

If we analyze and dig deeper, darkness brings also positivity in life, in health and serves its purpose for us able to see the beauty of this world, such as:

●The Milky Way●

Photograph by @firenze

As I've read from Spring Air- milky way is made up of 90% dark matter, matter that cannot be seen and about 10% β€œluminous matter”, or matter that we can see with our eyes. This large quantity of dark matter causes an invisible halo that has been demonstrated by simulations of how the Milky Way spins.

Thus, without darkness there is no so-called "milky way". And we cannot witness the shining, shimmering, twinkling and countless lights in the sky. :)

●Goodnight’s Sleep●

Original picture of mine

Yes, Darkness is essential to sleep. And Scientists, have discovered that only when we sleep in really dark our body produce the hormone called melatonin. And that Melatonin fights diseases, including breast and prostate cancer.

So we can say that darkness have benefits in terms of our health too. Hence, be mindful to use our free resources to take good care of ourselves. Remember, with our current situation "Health is Wealth".

●Dark Room Photography●

We all know Darkrooms used red lighting to allowed the photographers to control light, so that light-sensitive photographic paper would not becomeΒ overexposed and ruin the pictures during the developing process.

Darkness saves memories, literally. Through this process on how photograph was made, we can look back what we look like before. And also, these photograph serves as our memory storage of our life event especially to us young at heart (maybe mga Batang 90's πŸ˜…). Can you guess, who am I in the photo?

Family picture when my oldest brother graduated in High School.

However, as we all know today, digital photography is popular and darkrooms are not as popular or necessary as they once were. Though, we can still find them in professionalΒ photo studios and photography schools.


The above are few examples that I have searched pertaining to the positive/good sides of darkness. So if we look further, there so much more we can discover and turns out to be a beautiful one with darkness. So don't focus only on the outcome just look also outside the box, and we must be aware of the surroundings so that everything you see will be appreciated too, not only the result.


I believe in saying that every creations exist because it has purpose. Like this DARKNESS I feared of, but I found out that darkness brings beauty too.

As we, human, we also have darkness inside, maybe it were cause by our past or past relationship, however, we need to turn that darkness past into light..By accepting, letting go and learned from that experienced!


You may right one too for JonicaBradley's challenge,Β Writing Prompt #4 Darkness

Challenge rules:

1.Write anything about darkness
2. Write 100% original content
3. Write at least 600 words
4. TagΒ @JonicaBradley
5. Have fun

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I love your positive take on darkness. Thanks for participating. Also, I notice you don't have a sponsor bar. Go to my profile and check out the article I wrote on sponsorships if you would like some sponsors.

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Aww.. thanks for that tips.. and noted I will surely visit your profile.😊

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Hi, sis. Most obviously, the world is constantly associating darkness with negativity. Darkness to me is silencing the mind. It is relaxing. It assists us with seeing the stars. It permits nighttime creatures to live, and most of us to rest. It disperses the warmth. It assists us with liking the day. It's anything but a shroud of scrumptious mystery where we can embrace and investigate. Darkness is truly magnificent!

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2 years ago

Thanks sis for sharing your thought about darkness.. thanks again for the upvote. :))

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2 years ago