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Caleurga Church Nasugbo Batangas

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1 month ago


Hello readers and How are you? I hope it's always ok.

Strong body and safe illness to all of us.

Early Breakfast...

At around 3:00am I woke up.

I prepared our breakfast.

Must eat before taking a shower. We are happy with our simple breakfast.

After eating breakfast..

After breakfast. My 2 kids have showered then I'm next in the shower room. My 2 kids got dressed and prepared quickly.

Around 4:30am we left the house because my brother and I talked before 6:00am and we were at their house in Exclusibo Compound Barangay Quilib Rosario Batangas.

House of my Brother..

When we arrived at our brother's house.

We were the first to arrive. At exactly 6:00am, my father arrived with my step mother and 2 grandchildren of my step mother and my aunti

My father and auntie had coffee while waiting for the family of the sister in law from Barangay Maligaya Rosario Batangas.

At exactly 6:30am my sister in law's family arrived. After 10 minutes, he left immediately and traveled to Caleurga Church.

When we were on the opposite side of Fantasy World. Picture picture first in the beautiful view.

Then after the picture, we went straight to Caleurga Church again.

And Caleurga Church...

Around 9:00 am we arrived at Caleurga Church.

Everyone eat first.

There are pockets of food. So solve the breakfast again.

After eating...

Picture picture.

Because at 10:30 am attending mass ceremony.

After mass...

After the mass. It's raining a bit. We never went for a walk again. Because of the rain. We just rested in the jeep. Then after 1 hour of resting, we left Caleurga Church to look for something to eat for lunch.

And Tagaytay...

Here we looked for a food court.

Our search took a bit longer because the restaurants were fully loaded.

At exactly 2:00pm we had a late lunch.

Diners is the restaurant we found available.

Our late lunch was worth it.

It's still very pricy, but all the food is ok

We were also hit by heavy rain and thick fog in Tagaytay. It's freezing

And at 4:00pm went home after eating.

It's good that the rain has stopped. At 6:00pm we arrived at my brother's house.

I immediately said goodbye to them so we could go home to our own house. My sister in law, Collettes Buko Pie, has a gift to welcome her.

At my Own House...

Arrived at our house at exactly 7:00pm. I rested first then cleaned my body because I came from a far away place. Then we went to bed early.

Closing Words...

This is my experience and hapennings when we went to Caleurga Church. I hope you enjoy reading the friendship here at

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Written by   109
1 month ago
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I've been there ate! Hehehe sobrang ganda sa church na po yan, and I miss Bulalo in Tagaytay huhu.

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1 month ago

Oo friend. Kaysarap balikan ng lugar. Bulalo is the best

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oh my!! I have an unusual experience at Caluerga Church. We felt a ghost there and one of my friend even seen her. She looks like a bride according to her.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes my dear friend. Its so beautiful place.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Graveh ang daming ganap sis, at ang gaganda ng mga anak moh sis, mana talaga sah mama, ahehe, at nakakagutom yung mga pagkain na nyo.

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1 month ago

Oo friend. Sobrang happy. Tnx friend

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Whoa! It seems your family had a good time traveling and eating outside. It's been awhile since we have done that. I missed it.

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1 month ago

Sarap ng bulalao sa tagaytay ate ....maganda din Yung resort Jan sa caleurga famous Yan na team building spot

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oo kaibigan. The best ang bulalo meal

$ 0.00
1 month ago