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Prioritizing Inner Peace ♥️

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1 year ago
Topics: Mental Health

. “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

How ironic we crave for inner peace but in fact it’s like finding hallow imagination . Most of the time we drained out ourselves for unnecessary things where in fact it only adds stress , and sometimes we engage ourselves playing the game of tricky moments that makes us long for temporary happiness instead of living with the abundance of peaceful life. We’ve come so far many battles to fight but unfortunately opposite on what happen in the fairytales there will always be a lost game . And experience molded us To hone the self that we want to be . At night I’ve come to think that we don’t need other people’s validation to maximize the standard state of happiness because i can proudly say that even though im just a crawling baby that needs guidance , I have win battles that makes me realize that not all things we fight are worth fighting for ♥️

Waking up with a heavy feeling inside affects your whole day temper . And that’s exactly what I’ve been feeling lately . Sometimes we are so pressured on things we didn’t accomplish yet , that is why we give our full focused and energy on achieving all of those not knowing that rest is a must too. Im tired of making scenarios in my mind that leads only to overthinking. Overthinking is my worst enemy .

In this past few week I’ve experienced emotional breakdowns . By the way for those who didn’t know me i am a newbie here in , my cousin introduced me about this very interesting matter . I love reading it equips , encouraged and keeps me to be more motivated in life. Thanks a lot @Athaliah ♥️

I am a working student a bread winner also in the family at the same time . One thing i learned is that you need be intentional in managing your time or else you will lost yourself in dealing of those hectic schedules.
I am now facing the reality of life there was a moment in my life where sadness , disappointments, discouragements really drowned me . The thing that runs in my mind is that “ You are too young to have great responsibilities “ . But i considered this as opportunity which has God blessed me . It such a wonderful feeling that you handed small amount of money to your parents from your own hard work .
To all bread winners out there , i salute your bravery ♥️ We can get through all life’s challenges until we reach our own destinations, even if it doesn’t make sense right now let me be that friend who will remind you today that “ we will ge there “.
*Let us keep on doing things with love ♥️
* Be consistent in our commitments♥️
*Continue working and striving for the best♥️
* Have faith that God will make things work♥️

Our life revolves around those many to mention agenda’s . Everyday we strive and work hard more because we want to see progress within ourselves. All we want is progress and productivity (because who doesn’t ?).

But dear take it slow , there is still time for everything , please reward yourself by first prioritizing your inner peace . How’s your inner peace? How is your mental health?
The outside world is calling you to visit and explore the beauty of nature because maybe that things is you really what is all you need , the waves of the seas are waiting for your presence and the peak of the mountain is missing you giving such refreshing feeling.

What keep’s you going?
are you living a life full of pressure? Deadlines? and harsh agenda’s?
Dear , there is so much more to life . Leave those hustles and make use of your time searching inner peace , start it by now “ Closed your eyes, forget about the world ,take a deep breath and have a heart of gratitude for the things you have right now and the things you didn’t accomplish yet . “You have come so far , right?

Let me leave a reminder that you deserve to live a life with peace . Search it and please have it ♥️
Practice mental strength exercises everyday by :

  • *Being grateful from all the small and big wins .

  • * Spending time to meditate.

  • *Giving yourself a break from all life’s hustle.

  • * Praying and leaving everything in God’s hand.

  • * Appreciating the beauty of life .

Let us work out for our inner peace . I pray that God would clear our mind and thoughts and just enjoy the peaceful aroma of our existence ♥️
Rest today , because rest is a must. ♥️

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Thanks for reading , sending love and declaring blessings from above ♥️Let us keep safe amidst this pandemic ♥️
I hope we can get along with each other♥️
Shalom ❣️❣️

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Written by   10
1 year ago
Topics: Mental Health
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Inner peace. Who wouldn't want it? Lot of things going on my mind and life these past few days. I struggle. I breakdown. But then again, I stand up and fight. It's okay to rest, but never let your guard down. We have no choice but to survive every single day. However, don't just live to survive. You have to survive in order to live a satisfying life. Adulthood isn't a nice stage to reach. But don't stop anyways. You are amazing and doing good. Never suppress your emotions. Deal with it. Face it. But never hide it. It is okay not to be okay 🤗.

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1 year ago

Overthinking can weary us down, guilty of that too. But, we do always have a choice to let go and let God control your mind. He is the Prince of Peace and He can make it happen.

Btw, welcome to! Keep writing and interacting. You'll be good here.

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1 year ago

Inner peace is what we really need in this stressful world. Just keep on going bring! Your family is rooting for you🥰

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1 year ago

Work on our own peace. Stop na ang pag stress sa atong self😊

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1 year ago