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Our First Snow Experience with my Son in February 2021

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8 months ago

First and foremost, I have earned another $10 that makes me earn a total of $40 from Nov 10 to Nov 29 worth of articles. So I can say that this will be my first official article for December 2021.

Well, it seems like today we had a 3-day celebration. Nov 29 is my 2nd anniversary here in France. Nov 30 is my daughter’s 5th month. Dec 1 is my son’s 22nd month. We just had an early Christmas dinner at the SIL’s house and both kids received their gifts from their aunt and uncle.

Alright, based on the title, I got inspired by the article of @fantagira. So I’m sharing my snow experience here in France.

I just want to let you know that last February 2017, I wanted to go to South Korea to experience winter but I got denied a visa. So it was a sign that I should not experience winter solo, it should be with someone. So I decided to go to Boracay and enjoyed the early summer instead.

I arrived in France on Nov 2019. 2020 came but still no snow. Then my son celebrated his first birthday in February 2021. Few weeks after, it was snowing for one week. My son could not walk at that time so I had to carry him. I was 3 months pregnant with Elise. So I had to be careful while carrying Alexandre.

It was very cold and it was fun in the snow. I never thought that I could experience snow with my son. So there was a good reason I was denied a visa. It is to experience snow with my family.

The snow was just outside of the house. It was a winter wonderland indeed. My husband created a little snowman beside Alexandre. We only stayed just near the house and let him sit in the snow. It was his first time to get out with the snow. He cried a bit because he was uncomfortable.

I am really looking forward for the next winter as Alexandre is a good walker already. I can’t wait that we can play in the snow together and build some snowman.

If there will be lots of snow, I hope we can experience a sled together.

I really don’t know when will be the next snow. My husband told me usually it’s the early January he experienced it in this part of France. So let’s see with the weather.

I am also hoping that I can bring Elise outside while my husband is holding Alexandre. I want to have a family photo outside of the snow.

Since I was pregnant back then, I wasn’t in the mood to get out in the next few days. It was snowing hard that I chose to stay at home. It was very very cold that I prefer to sleep more. I love to hibernate.

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Written by   119
8 months ago
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Surely you will have a complete family photo next time😊

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8 months ago