"Monday To Friday" | [VBBSP, Thesis, Research, Academic Commission, Etcetera]

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ARTICLE NO. 149 OF 2022
TITLE: <"Monday To Friday" | [VBBSP, Thesis, Research, Academic Commission, Etcetera]>

And just like that, we're down on the fourth day of the weekdays. Should we be happy because weekend is somehow waving? Or not because another set of weekdays is bound to begin 3-days from now?

Me? Truthfully,I don't care whether it is "weekdays" or "weekends" ...

What's important for me is to have at least a day or two of not minding any academic requirements. In short, RELAXATION. That's my biggest craving as a graduating student. But, when can I have it again? (⁠。⁠•́⁠︿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)

Since Monday (11.17.2022), I've been so occupied of attending to such tasks & errands.

If one will virtually ask me how I am feeling right now? This is what I will be replying to: "🧟‍♀️."

I think, it's already enough to describe what I've been carrying through. Right?

Like what this certain famous American painter and illustrator said ...

"I'm tired .... but proud." -Norman Percevel Rockwell

📷 Source: Quotefancy

Yes, I'm soooo tired of this routine. Composing numerous individual researches and other activities are too draining & time-consuming. But, I'M STILL PROUD because I accomplished most of it on-time despite of bearing it all, ALONE. That's a disadvantage of being the eldest, wala kang mapagtanungan tungkol dito o diyan.

But what's important is "I attained another level of progress." 💋

In this article, let me share what plans do I have for Monday to Friday (November 14-18), both "finished" and "ongoing."


By 11:00AM-12:00NN, we have an scheduled meeting with Ma'am Ivy, our Co-Scholarship Director in VBBSP. She's a Professor in University of the Philippines-Diliman and gosh, she's so kind & humble.

Short storytelling

Doctor Glo, Natasha's Director, isn't available to meet us as she us currently in a vacation at United States. She's the one who interviewed me way back in 2019 and guess what? She, a director, visited our house after the interview. Huhu! And, what I am also proud of is: "I made the Director cried." Stay tune for the reason behind it.

5-students shared in front how VBBSP helped them, financially & in studying. Actually, I will volunteer to share mine too but my close friend kept on holding my shirt while saying: "Mie! Please, don't. I don't want to create another falls here." She's crying like me that time kasi because of our co-scholar's stories. So, maybe I'll just do it next time.

And, here's the free snacks after our meeting:


After the VBBSP meeting, I asked our thesis advisor for our next consultation and he replied by saying: "Tomorrow, 2PM." And ( as like: "Huwhaaaattt?" From lying down on the bed, I immediately get up, turned my laptop on & continue my ongoing revision.

And, Tuesday comes in. We arrived at the CLSU-University Research Center by 1:34PM ...

... and was able to leave the Diagnostic Laboratory by almost 7:00PM.

Within the covered time, all that we did are "checking + revision + repeat." Imagine how mentally exhausting it is.

... I don't talk to ex-crushie that much because of what he did. Now, I'm asking this exact question to myself: "bakit ko ba 'to nagustuhan dati?" Well, I felt disappointed on him & I don't know if I can still look at him just like before.

Despite of how draining that afternoon was? It was somehow eased with the snacks bought by our thesis advisor. Guess what? He spent almost a thousand for our snacks. Gosh! Here's to: pizzas, lumpias, breads, other street foods, and sodas. Wasn't able to take a photo because I felt so shy. LOL! But sadly, I hadn't ate a lot. More like, puro tikim lang. Why? My wisdom tooth is waving. Huhuhu!


  • Academic Commission

By the morning of Wednesday, my tutee's Mom messaged me to ask if I can assist her child on her assignment:

So okay, I said "Yes, sure po." Coz why not? That's money where talking about. Therefore, will grab the opportunity to earn despite of the occurring "ka-ngaragan sa life."

Got up by 1:47AM & immediately begin the commission by downloading such needed images. Started the encoding around 3AM and finished the whole document by almost 5AM.

I printed it out using my own money amounting to PhP 156.00 ($2.72) and I added up an additional 50 pesos worth of fee. Considering my rate, this commission costs 450 pesos ($7.84) including the print & labor fee. But, I gave 50 pesos discount. Therefore, here's what I had in return:

... "From 400 pesos, I minus the printing fee and my total earning? It's 244 pesos."

  • Historical Trends in Plant Disease Diagnosis & Management

This activity is under the subject of "Plant Disease Diagnosis." After researching such trends, I incorporated it to PowerPoint Presentation using Canva. Reviewed for several minutes & did an audio presentation. Got to submit it 14-hours before the deadline.

  • Thesis Outline Revision

By tomorrow (Friday), we will finalize our individual outline and so, I am aiming to finish the revision by today, Thursday. Apparently, everything change as Sir announced this yesterday afternoon:

So okay, I spent 13-hours before I finally be able to finish mine. Actually, I'm not yet satisfied with it but okay. I'm enduring stiff neck na, so might as well finish it. And, tadaaa!

"Cheers to my thesis outline with 37-pages, in total." 💅🏼


Still left with one activity due tomorrow and that's the "video & scientific paper for maggots ligation." Already attained 15% of it and aiming to accomplish at least 75% within today.


Tomorrow is another "ngarag at bangag day." But I am so willing to endure it for the sake of the progress and to my future, as general.


📷 Source: Overall Motivation

I'm so exited for Saturday because it is my self-proclaimed "no-to-academic-related-tasks day." Will really make sulit of it before the Health Break ends and as F2F resumes next week.

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1 year ago


My gosh, you are so busy and have a lot ms on your plates. Pero push pa rin no, para sa pag yaman aigooo.

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1 year ago

As in, Ateee. Kaya pinu-push ko na din na tapusin ibang paperworks ko until today para hayahay muna tomorrow ~ magtatanim muna ako ng braincells, paubos na ey. HIHI

Yes, para sa "moooore money" na goal ko. Push lang nang bongga. ✨

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1 year ago

Yayy, maigi naman. Push mo yan. 1 day rest is enough na din siguro. Tas treat yourself na din abah.

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1 year ago

One day we will be reading about your success. So keep going! I like that quote, tired but proud.

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1 year ago

Can't wait to share that kind of milestone po. Soonest! 💜

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1 year ago

Ang busy mo pala langga sa thesis. Ang sarap ng free snacks niyo. Fighting lang langga always.

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1 year ago

Sarap nga po, Ate pero di ko naman nasulit. Huhuhuh! Sana meron ulit today, hihi.

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1 year ago

Hehe meron yan ulit ngayon langga. 😁

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1 year ago