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Days With Bitcoin Cash: A Recap

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2 months ago

Bitcoin Cash or BCH.

The crypto-coin that I was with since January 2021 and until now.

The crypto-coin that I wasn't aware of the existence before, until a friend introduced it to me.

The crypto-coin that seems to be so hard to earn, but no.

A coin that many people had been wasting an opportunity to earn.

The crypto-coin that helps me a lot. Both financially and mentally.

The coin that I love next to our own (Philippine Peso) coin.


We all find financial stuffs so hard to deal with especially if we aren't that lucky to have more in our pockets, wallets, or bank accounts. Because of that, we are being so problematic to the point that we are being stress and worst, depressed.

But, there's this coin that was so willing to rescue us. What is this coin?

It none other than Bitcoin Cash or most called us BCH. And, yes! BCH got our back. 💛

Through and, we can earn this coin.

Well, aside from the airdrops that are making noise in the past few days. With this platforms, we can earn BCH.

We'll just post our 'good morning posts' in and boom! We can earn BCH.

We'll post our 'good night posts' and when we woke up in the next morning? We can have it in our wallets.

We can post our rants, our happy and sad moments, our problems and dramas in life, or whatever it is. Also, we can write and published an article with any topic that we want to share to our co-users and co-creators. But, always remember to follow the rules and prevent doing the don'ts of this platforms.

And, tadaaa! There's a high possibility that we can earn some livings.

In that, our financial problems will be somehow solved and our mental problems like stress brought by financial problems? It can be eased. And of course, with a bonus of having a camaraderie. A virtual family. <3

I, as an striving student and a daughter and a big sister, BCH had been a great companion to me.

Because of this coin .....

I don't need to worry that much for my weekly load.

I don't worry that much if I can have some to spend for our school needs.

I don't need to think too much if how can I earn to be able to help our parents.

I don't and thanks to this two wonderful platforms that helped me to earn this coin. It's none other than and! 💕

Now, let me share the days that I had with BCH!

Well, I didn't totally spent BCH. Because I am converting this coin into fiat so that I can be able to spend it here in our country.

July 14, 2021

In this day, Mama got sick. So to be able to help her feel better, I decided to pinched some in my converted BCH. From my 'earn now, convert later' actions from January to June, I was able to save some livings that I used for my weekly load allowance and when Mama got sick.

I asked Papa to drive me to the city proper because I will buy some foods and medicines for Mama. So, we travel for almost twenty minutes until we got there. My first stop was to the supermarket wherein I took a minutes of grocery time. I bought some of our essential necessities like foods, toiletries, and health essential needs like alcohols and face masks.

After I am all done, I proceeded to the dry market to buy some fruits and kitchen supplies like oils, salt, and such. Then, on the wet market? I bought our meals for dinner. Then, of course, I also enter the nearest and one of our trusted pharmacies to buy Mama's medicines.

And, yeah. This is the first time that I had enjoyed my BCH earnings. 💕

July 21, 2021

From my first cash out, I saved some for my younger sister's 11th birthday. After we ate our lunch, I along with Mama and Papa prepared ourselves to go to the city proper to buy my sister's some birthday presents. And, tadaaaa! After a tiring hour of buying ingredients and all the needed things? We then go home and proceeded in cooking.

After almost two hours of preparation and cooking, tadaaa! The table was all set up with her presents (handa) above. We sang a 'Happy Birthday' song for her while she's in front of her cake. Yes, I was also able to bought her a cake from the Goldilocks' in the city proper.

Here's a photo of my sister with her BCH cake. Well, it's not a BCH themed cake but I was able to buy this one through this coin. So, yeah. It's sis' day with her BCH cake and BCH, itself. ğŸŽ‚

July 23, 2021

I had shared before that I am fond of buying our needed school supplies a month before the classes starts. Why? It's to avoid panic buying and to avoid high prices. Because once that we buy when the classes are near to start? The prices will start to be increase because of the high demand. And, I've witness it so many times.

It's a rainy afternoon on the 23rd day of July when I started buying school supplies. I first get some of the stationaries like pencils, erasers, sharpies, colors, tapes, correction tapes, glues, and such.

I don't buy papers and notebooks yet because I need to wait for the announcements and instructors.

Through BCH, I had lessen the things that I need to think of. 💖

August 04, 2021

On the night of August 03, Mama find it so difficult to breathe because of her cough and maybe some problems that she's been thinking of. Problems that aren't ours, in the first place. Yes, I bough her some medicines on July 14 but it was more on for her fever. But on August 02, it's for her cough. Mama was not a fan of medicines but we pushed her to take it because it will help her to feel better. Glad that she agreed and let us lead the way.

Aside from the medicines, I was also able to print my needed documents for my scholarship renewal.

August 19, 2021

This day, we go to my younger brother's school to enroll him for Grade 9. Because I don't want to go out without some in my pockets, I withdrawn again. So because it was a tiring day, I had treated my parents with some foods and was also able to have some take-outs for my siblings waiting at home. And, looook! I had bought some cheek and lip gel tints. Wieee! 🥳 Naisingit si self. HIHI!

August 13, 2021

Today, we'll gonna have our grocery time againnnnn. The one that I used for this is my August 1-12 earnings in and was also my first time to withdrawn more bigger amount. Which I used to buy more stuffs and stocks. This time, my younger sister go with me and Mama was left at home.

First station? To the supermarket againnn. I first get our needs such as the food stocks, snacks, and toiletries. After that I add some products (those that are not in the list) on my pushcart. When I was done with this, I proceeded in the clothing section because the face masks are in there.

Next station? On the dry market. After that, we go to the food park where there are a looooot of fooooods! Yumyummm.

This is the first time that lil sis had go out again, so she's somehow 'parang naninibago.' Haha! And, after walking and looking for the food stalls? We got some milk teas, buko shake, fries, and proven. Wieee! Lil sis' tummy was full again. Also, we got some take-outs for Mama, bro, and our two toddler cousins.

Next stop? To the wet market to buy some chicken and veggies for dinner and on the next meals. Last station? To the rice station wherein I bought some kilos of rice to add to our stock.

Overall, I got a box full of groceries stocks, paper bags of toiletries and boxes of face masks, 15 kilos of rice, snacks, and meals.

This is the biggest day that I had with BCH, so farrrr! Looking forward for more. 💛💕

August 15, 2021

This day, I and lil sis got our haircuts. It took us a long time before we considered Papa to let us cut sis' long and silky hair. As for me? They let me decide on when to cut my hair. They don't take it too seriously because I have a curly hair. Bahala daw ako sa buhay ko. HAHAHA! It didn't took us long before we got this new haircut because there's only a few customers in the salon. And, tadaaa! We got our short hair. I will recommend this hair cut, it will make us look younger and more fresh. Sanaol fresh! Hihi.

I already had shared this first seven days with this articles: And Helps Me To? and She Turned Eleven

September 01, 2021

Well, this day was just the same on what we did by August 13. So, yeah! <3

Got another stocksss! It will be enough for two-weeks, so we'll gonna calm down and won't think for our foods that much.

And, I also got some kilos of rice again. Para mas kumalma pa si Mother Earth. 😉

Tadaaaa! Here's what we've got in staying and walking in the city proper. There's more in our family vehicle that I wasn't be able to include in the photo.

Us, feeding our tummy's warriors. 😆

September 07, 2021

This is the day that I had completed our needed school supplies. I bought 12 notebooks for lil sis and bro, box of black pens and pencil colors, pieces of red pens, a ream of bond papers, and some other stuffs.

Aside from that, I was also able to share this another BCH day with my friends as they go to our house to pay some visit and do our activity. Oh, I'm wrong. Just to eat pala. Kiddinggg! Haha!

Pero feel ko nakikain lang talaga sila eh kasi puro eggs na lang daw kinakain nila. Saka wala naman kaming nagawa eh. Echos lang namin 'yung gawa-gawa kunyari. 😂🤣

And, here's the big days that I've been with BCH. Looking forward for more and moooore! 💖

How about you? I know that many of us here had already enjoyed our days with BCH. Share it here and let's talk about it! :)

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Published by September 13, 2021

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Written by   82
2 months ago
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ses, you are so blessed with these teo platforms syempre damay na din ako. nakakatuwa kase andami mo ng natulungan. First, your parents. and then you also supports your sister as well. Napaka swerte din nila sayo sa totoo lang.

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2 months ago

Wahhh, ang dami ko na ding moment with BCH ee. Pag inisa isa ko naku kulang 20k words, chorrrr wahahaga. Pero sa totoo lang talaga ang dami na nyang natulong ee. Nakakapag abot ako kay mama if need nya. Pag need ko din kukurot lang syempre damay din si mama di pwdng hinde haha sya ang kumukuha sa lbc ee ahaha. Tapos sa load pa, ung mga things na naorder konsa shopee. Naku ang dami na talaga. Kaya I'm so thankful coz I found this. A💙💙💙 more to come pa sa ating lahat bata. Grind lang lalo na mababa na ulit si BCH UwU.

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2 months ago

Truly, Ateeee. Kumbaga, yan lang 'yung mga talagang malaking tulong n'ya sa akin. Pero 'yung maliliit? Ay nakoooo. Baka abutin tayo ng taon. Hahaha! Kukurot nga ako eh kasi may mgaaaaa ipu-purchased ako sa Shopee. Desidido na talaga ako pero wait ko muna na mag-pump kasi sayang naman.

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2 months ago

Hahahaha, ako'y pass muna sa kakukurot. Dami kong kurot last month ee huehue

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2 months ago