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5 Things That I Want To Have Before I Start Conducting My Thesis

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1 month ago

Maybe, many of you here already knows that I am a striving college student who's in her third year of taking up Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Major in Crop Protection and specializing in Plant Pathology.

First, what is Crop Protection?

It is the field in Agriculture that is focused in managing and giving solutions to agricultural pests such as the weeds, insects, and plant diseases. There are three divisions of Crop Protection: Weed Science, Entomology, and Plant Pathology. Which is in my case, I am specializing in Plant Pathology.

Plant Pathology, what is it?

To make it more simple, it is the study of plant diseases caused by many causal organisms commonly known as pathogens. This are the bacteria (germs), fungi or fungus (like mushrooms and algae), viruses, nematodes, and many more. This pathogens can just be seen through the use of microscopes and not with our naked eyes.

In this specialization, we need to memorized and be familiarized with all the kinds of diseases that are occurring on the plants and crops. Their signs and symptoms, scientific names, in which crops do they appear and when, and most of all are the management and preventive measures.

But, it's just a glimpse on what we are having in this course. Just a glimpse.

On the first three semesters of taking this course, we are taking all the majors in BS Agriculture. Starting from Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Science, Crop Protection, and Agricultural Extension Education. But upon the fourth semester, we started to focused in our chosen specialization.

Now, we are on the fifth semester (excluding the Summer Classes). And, the real fight is in this semester. How can I say so? Because aside from the lecture and laboratory lessons and reports, quizzes, examinations, researches? Thesis was also waving in front of our faces.

In our course, we have two choices. We can either take On-The-Job (OJT) Training or conducting our individual thesis. Yes, we have two choices but since that I am focused in Crop Protection and specializing in Plant Pathology? Thesis is more ideal. Because in the future, this is what we're gonna aim too. To formulate farm inputs that can help farmers in managing and preventing the infestations of pathogens. Because as of now? There's still no formulated input for plant diseases especially to those diseases caused by viruses. And, conducting a thesis will help us to learn and explore more.

Thesis, this is were my future was depended at. If I will graduate right on time or not. But, I am hoping and praying that it's not the latter. No one wishes for it, though.

At first, I am planning to conduct a thesis wherein I will plant crops through the seeds from infested crops. Then, observe what will happen. Seems like it's so simple, right? 😅 So, I consulted it to my thesis adviser and he said that he'll asked for the ideas from the Doctors in our department. I was so excited because I know that I can do it, even if it's gonna be a tough one. But, I wasn't able to continue this because I, we don't have our own lot that I can plant my crops and I can't asked for other peoples' lots because I will use it also for isolation. I need to do isolation kasi baka makapagpakalat ako ng sakit sa mga tanim nila.

So, I ended up with the topic that my adviser was given which is the GIS Mapping. Baka naman alam mo 'to, Kuya @Eunoia. Hihi!

Anyways, we all know that thesis is not as easy as 1-2-3. It's not and will never be, I guess.

And to be able to lessen the difficulties of conducting my thesis? Hopefully, on the second semester of this Academic Year. I listed five things that I want to have before I start conducting my thesis and this things can surely help me on this another journey.

A journey to have that diploma that I am aiming for and that black toga to be wore above the stage in our University's Graduation Site. 💗

What are these things? Let's find it out below. ⬇⬇⬇⬇

Stable Internet Connection

In my thesis, all that I need to are myself, laptop, other gadgets like phone, and an internet connection. And, what I am looking for the internet connection is the stable one. Nowadays, there is no stable internet connection even though our service provider was so well-known. We can still experienced internet problems related to this one. Though, a stable one is like our dream to have? What I am wishing to have is a more stable connection compare to what my mobile data can offer.

Few months ago, I had been thinking of having our own WiFi here in our house. But, I know within myself that I still can't afford to have a monthly bill to think of. But here's my thesis, a thesis that I can't be able to survive with just relying upon the mobile data. So, I come up with a decision.

A decision to have our own WiFi next year. I am still thinking on how can I pay the bill of it monthly and on what service provider to have. Right now, I am in between of PLDT Fiber and Converge. And, I need your suggestions about this one as I am not that knowledgeable about this. Laking mobile data po kasi ako. 😂


I am a fan of writing up on my notes but not all the time. Also, going in the city proper just to print my needed documents was so hassle, tiring, and so magastos (expensive). So, I am aiming to have my own printer at the house. That one that also have a copier on it. And, I'm looking forward to have this before this year ends. Hopefully! *crossed fingers*

Study Table

Omooo! I've been wishing for this for years. And, until now? I can't have it. Why? Because our house wasn't that spacious. So what I can just do is to buy a small and foldable table. Like this one:

But, as months ends? My school works was being piled up higher and higher. And, my eagerness to have a more comfortable one even get higher too. As of the study table, I was wishing for this one. A study table with a shelves and chair.

But, I can't have this because it will eat up so much space in our house and it's a no no. Saka na lang kapag may sarili na kaming bahay, 'yung spacious talaga.

For now, I am just gonna aim for a table like what are shown on the pictures below.

Book Shelves

Since that our room wasn't that spacious too, I am planning on having a book shelves attached on our room's wall. I am also considering a standing book shelves but I will be needing space for it. Maybe I will just buy some materials on the shops here in our place. I need to lessen up the things and have more space for my other stuffs before I proceed in my thesis conduction.


Uwoooo! Who will not love stationeries? From the pens, highlighters, sticky notes (post-it notes), tapes, pins, and other things. I super duper love this stuffs and I a sure that you are, too. Am I right? 😉

Aside from my educational books, this is also the reason why I want to have shelves in our room. And before I got to have this things, I need to have my shelves, first, Which I will start planning next month. Sanaaaaa! <3

This article seems like a soup one. Haha! Wala, feel ko lang. 🤷‍♀️😆 Though, I am still hoping that you, guys will like it.

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Published by October 12, 2021

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Written by   82
1 month ago
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I hope you get to put into realization all the things you desire. By the way, God bless you on your thesis journey! Good thing i came across to your article. ❤❤❤

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1 month ago

Ano daw imap mo sa GIS Mapping? hehehehe.. I am not an agriculturist though. Anyways, I have the table that you aim for now, I tell you it's 6/10 na rate, pero baka may factor din ang kids ko, ang dali nyang nasira sa amin kasi, though I am still using it up to now pa din naman pero di na talaga sya working well. I also love stationeries, I have lots of collection, ang ending hindi God bless sa Thesis mo, you can do it!

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1 month ago

Try niyo kaya yung munoz cable ate para na rin po may mapapanood rin yung kapatid niyo? However, 10 MBPS lang po yung signal hehe. Medyo na-mi-miss ko yung TV namin kaya sana mapalitan ng bago kasi sinira ng kapatid kong magaling haha. Goal ko makabili non bago yung laptop hehe.

On the other hand, gusto ko rin po yung sudy table kaso ang liit ng space sa kwarto namin kainis hehe. Yung table na foldable ate, ginagamit ko po ngayon skl. Kung sa stationary items naman po, afford na afford niyo naman po siguro ate hehe. Good luck po sa mga bibilhin niyo for your thesis, matic uno kaagad yan.

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1 month ago

Munoz Cable? Sigeee, consider ko na din sya sa list ko. Paano gagawin kapag magpapakabit jan? Sa office mismo nila pupunta to inform them, ganun? Never heard pa kasi kung paano 'yung about sa mga transactions nila eh. 😅 Sameee, goal ko din 'yang tv kasi 'yung dito sa amin is panahon pa ng kopong-kopong. SOON! :)

Sanaol may spacious na kwarto hanooo? Haha! Mas sisipagin siguro tayo na mag-aral kuno. Then tru din, sa ngayon 'yung stationeries pa lang ang pinaka-afford ko sa lima na 'yan. As innnn! 😆

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1 month ago

Si ate immaryandmerry yata ate, may alam diyan eh tanong niyo po muna hehe. Yung TV kasi ni papa na binili, bulok haha tapos hulugan pa though ginagamit ko siya pangnood nood ng music videos haha. Epal kasi kapatid ko eh, di ko papagamit yon sa kaniya.

As regards naman po sa study table, ang liit talaga po ng space namin hehe. try niyo po yung study table ate na maliit pero maganda lang siya po siya sa lapag hehe. Ginagamit ko po ngayon yon skl

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1 month ago

Wag sa converge, sobrang Hina ng internet connection sabay lagi sila pawala wala, Ewan ko lang sa PLDT, anyway goodluck sa thesis, ako ngadin kinakabahan, second year palang ako pero nag aalala na ako sa thesis ko, wala naman kase ako alam sa electrical.😆

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1 month ago

Ayun, sabi kasi ng friend ko eh pawala-wala nga din daw pero okay naman daw madalas. Baka depende pa din sa location hanoo? 😅 Need ko talaga 'yang 'good luck' na 'yan eh. Nakaka-kaba kayaaa. Pero feeling ko kakayanin naman kasi mas madaming time ngayon kasi nasa bahay lang. Phirapan lang talaga na isingit kasi ang dami ding gawain ay. Haha! Anyways, kalma ka muna sa thesis. Baka wala kang maisip na topic kasi mauunahan ka ng kaba kahit wala pa naman. Sa thrid year din ba start n'yo ng thesis?

$ 0.00
1 month ago