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Causes of oral cancer and breast cancer in women

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Let's go straight to the causes of these two diseases without going into other issues related to oral cancer and breast cancer. Let me just say one thing, breast cancer is mainly in women but oral cancer can be in both women and men.

Causes of oral cancer

Oral cancer accounts for one-third of all cancers registered in India. In terms of all types of cancer, oral cancer in Europe and America is 4% to 9%, while in India it is 42%. If there is an abnormal change in any cell in our body, it is suspected that the cell is probably cancerous. In this case, it can be said that a person in a region may have a tendency to change a cell from the beginning due to the formation of genes or due to genes. That is probably why there are more such cells in the mouths of people in India than in any other country in the world.

  • Smokeless tobacco- Excessive use of tobacco, khaini, guraku, gul, jorda, dokta, snuff is more in our country, which is one of the major causes of oral cancer. Mass media coverage has created some awareness among the people about this issue. Many people in the country today know that the seeds of this deadly cancer are hidden in smokeless tobacco.

  • Eating habits - Our eating habits can be a big cause of oral cancer. The Indians' habit of eating spicy food is definitely one of the reasons behind this problem. However, only those who regularly eat jhal have this risk. Sometimes playing jhala is not so difficult

  • Alcohol - Alcohol increases the risk of oral cancer. However, if smoking is combined with alcohol, the risk is at least 10 times higher than 2 times.

  • Drinking - The name of bochara tobacco is repeatedly mentioned behind causing oral cancer. As if all his fault. But we do not know that not only tobacco, but equally harmful betel nut, lime and lime. These are the habits of the people of the Indian subcontinent. Not only did the Scandinavian pirates chew large chunks of raw tobacco, but no other countrymen, like the Indians, were heard to burn their mouths, cheeks, tongues, lime and betel nut all day long. Betel nut contains an alkaline substance called aricolin. Scientists have already proven the role of this aricolin in causing oral submucosal fibrosis. And this oral submucous fibrosis can be called the first stage of cancer - which is seen only in India. So, betel nut is not healthy at all.

  • Others- Protecting oral health also plays an important role in protecting against this disease. Keeping the face clean is therefore very important to consider. For sharp or uneven teeth, those who rub it with their tongue or cheeks should also be careful. This is called chronic irritation. This regular friction results in ulcers there, which increases the risk of cancer. So be careful of sharp teeth.

Causes of breast cancer

There are two main causes of this cancer-

  • Age - Of all the risk factors for breast cancer, the most important one is the most interesting. That is the growing age. In other words, the older women get, the higher their risk of getting cancer. A 50-year-old woman has a much higher risk of developing the disease than another 80-year-old woman.

  • Hereditary predisposition- The second important factor is hereditary predisposition or family history of breast cancer. Especially if a woman's first degree related (grandmother, mother, sister or aunt) has this disease, her risk of breast cancer will increase.

Other factors-

  • Old history - People with a long history of breast cancer are more likely to have fibrocystic disease (abnormal delirium-shaped tumors in the breast). It is clear that a woman with breast cancer has a much higher risk of developing breast cancer than normal women.

  • Periods - People who have early periods and late menopause, that is, those who are older than the reproductive age are also at higher risk of the disease.

  • Pregnancy - Those who have had a first pregnancy over the age of 30 or who have not had a child have a higher risk of developing this cancer.

  • Diet and appearance - People who eat high fat diets or high fat diets, those who are obese, those who are overweight are also at higher risk of this disease.

  • Breastfeeding - People who have not been breastfed can get breast cancer.

  • Hormonal treatment - unrelated hormonal treatment means that if you take hormone treatment without any reason, or if you take hormonal drugs of your choice irregularly without consulting a doctor, breast cancer can occur. However, hormone replacement therapy does not take into account the increased risk of developing this cancer.

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