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A Slice of Me Again

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1 year ago

As you may have noticed, I am very new in this platform. In fact, I only have a handful of published articles here yet. Here they are:

A Slice of Me

The Sunset

Nahum 1:7

This new article however will be focused on the very first full article I published that I even titled it like that of the first. I actually do not have plans to write something like this but let me just share something that is still amazing me up to this very moment.

Also, It is my hope that I am not going against any rules in this platform by writing this. I am just so amazed and grateful at the same time for what I am seeing.

After writing the first article a few days ago, I never expected anything because I know readers may not be able to notice it. To my amazement however, I got a notification saying that the random rewarder paid me a visit. Notice how I stressed on the word paid.

Based from the experiences of writers here, RR usually visits new writers' articles on the second or third articles. I am grateful then that I was visited on my first try. It actually boosted my interest and motivation to write more. Thus, I wrote two more. Unfortunately, RR seemed not interested with what I have written so there was no 'paid visit'. It's okay. RR may be very busy as there are a multitude of writers here already. He'd be so overwhelmed if RR was a real person.

A few minutes however after posting my third article, I received some notifications in which I did not pay attention to because I was busy with other things. When I opened the notifications, this amazed me:

RR revisited my first article many times and is still revisiting up to now. There could be a glitch or something but I think this is the best glitch or abnormality for me now.

I am just so happy and thankful for the many visits RR. I hope that when the problem is fixed, the system will not take back everything. Haha!

Anyway, for those first timers like me, it is really helpful to read the tips being sent to our notifications. I actually tried my best to follow them to the best of my ability. At this point, I may not have readers yet but I think that as I continue writing and abiding to the tips given my various writers here, I would be able to gain more readers, commenters, upvoters and subscribers.

For now, I will be read more articles, comment around, upvote and find other writers to sponsor.

Before I end, here are some of the things I have learned and are still learning with the few days I spent writing here:

  1. If you want others to read what you write, you have to make your existence known by reading other people's articles, leaving valuable and sincere comments, and subscribing to writers you think are worth your time.

  2. Be patient and just write. If others won't notice, just consider it a very productive way of self-expression.

  3. Be nice to other writers. Nothing beat goodness.

As I continue learning, I would add more to this list. I believe there is more to learn. We just have to be open and empty. Remember, when a glass is full, there would be no more space for more.

Thank you for reading !


"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart".

--Psalms 37:4

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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