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Malaysia 1976 25th Anniversary of EPF silver Commemorative coin

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Face value: 25 ringgit
Alloy: Silver .925
Diameter: 42.001mm
Weight: 34.10g
Mintage Proof: 7,796 pieces
Mintage for non-proof: 100,000 pieces


On 18 October 1976, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) issued a commemorative coin in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). In Malay EPF is call "KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA" (KWSP), this is to explain for those who don't know what KWSP stands for. The Commemorative coins are issued in 3 denominations; 1 Ringgit Copper-Nickel coin, 25 Ringgit silver coin, and 250 Ringgit Gold coin.

The front design of the coins varies according to the denomination. The front coin features a picture of a worker around the EPF logo for 1 Ringgit Copper Nickel, Malaysia map image, and EPF logo in its middle for 25 Ringgit silver and EPF logo for 250 Ringgit gold. The back of all coins shows the denomination of the coins and the word "ULANG TAHUN KE 25 KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA "(Translate: THE 25 YEARS OF EMPLOYEES FUNDS) and "MALAYSIA 1976".

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Written by   142
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