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For Beliefs That Block Us, The Savior Is Within Us

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1 month ago

Those who guide you have a huge gun in their hands. Those who drag you into a war you don't belong to, even those who caused you to be born in the middle of that war, those who teach you to swing your sword to survive without even having a chance to question yourself, have a simple, invisible but very powerful weapon in their hands. The barrel of this gun is aimed at your freedom, shooting with every move.

Do you see?

The name of this weapon is faith!

What you believe without question.

Every pattern you believe without question is constantly killing you. Every moment, every thought, every dream.

You say "I can't do it" You say "I'm not good enough" You say "I'm invisible" You say "I'm late", you say "it passed me", you say "I can't leave". Who knows what else you say.

All your beliefs about yourself are holding you captive on the battlefield. You die there and resurrect there. That's why you're so tired. Of dying and being resurrected in the same war, reliving the same scene over and over again. You lose faith in yourself and give up.

From your freedom… From the life that is yours…

You hand it over to the hands of faith in a velvet cloth. You are sacrificing your beautiful unique heart to a "reality" that you don't even know what it serves.

That heart is now under the control of "faith". Not you!

You don't know what you want, how can you know if you don't have your heart?

You can't figure out whether it's yours or not, you don't know if it's your idea!

You are afraid! Because you also believed that the unknown is terrible!

Like you, all your friends are convinced, and no one makes a different sound.

Can you handle being unique? Can you bear the power of being unique?

Just you, “I wonder?” Can you take a step for what you said to the unknown? Can you just go after one question? Can you admit to making mistakes? Leaving the herd?

There is no one out there suppressing you! You have "beliefs" inside that keep you from coming out. Nobody is doing anything to you. No one is controlling you, you are a prisoner in pursuit of the heart you gave with your own hands.

Like a blind beggar, you are looking for the owner to whom you gave your heart!

You seek what you give your strength to!

You put your heart into the idea that when they told you what you should be, you said “Yes” without question.

Whatever they said to you, you put it in the mouths of those who constantly repeat their memorization.

That's why you've been out looking for the savior!

You have been waiting for the one who will love you, the one who will protect you, the one who will understand you, the one who will improve you from the outside.

You even forgot what you were waiting for, you just became the one waiting.

The passing of time, the improvement of everything, the coming of love, the passing of pain, the coming of inspiration.

Nobody will come! You will just get used to it, believe more and get used to it more. Nothing will get better as long as you wait.

Can you quit? Of all you believe? That they know right? Can you at least inquire?

Do you seriously need everything that's sold in the grocery store? Do you need a reason to be happy? Do you need a hand to stand up? Do you need a savior?

Can you just stand up calmly, shake off the dust and walk?

Without pity, without pity, without magnification, without humiliation, calmly.

Take your beliefs before you, look at them one by one. See what's holding your halter. See the wrongs you know right, the commitments that don't work. See the invisible threads that guide you. And just by seeing, reveal them! Reveal so that the next time they show up with a knowing smile on your face, you will not fall into the same trap...

Are you ready? What you call freedom is reality itself!

If there is a new world, that world begins in you. In your freedom, in your gaze. Those who will build this new world, those who will create it with their existence, are those who have spread the essence of freedom in their own minds and bodies! Their perfume is freedom!

What is the paradise of those who will celebrate their existence at every step but the dance of free spirits?

Are you ready to get rid of the bosses in your mind? Because heaven has opened its doors and is waiting for you!

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Written by   64
1 month ago
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