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The unspoken love.

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2 months ago
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Some said that if you love someone you should speak out to the person no matter the answer you will get. That is before the love is expressed in words and accepted by the receiver.

What happened after?

Being a couple?

Get married?

Have a child or children?


Break up?


Single parent?

Love is not something scribbled on paper with a pencil that can be erased easily. It is not something that can be built in a day though it is can be found in a second. The moment you need to let it go because you have to is not an easy task to do but if it is needed, it is a must.

Take your time but be wise. It's your heart that you are breaking but it is also your life that you are fixing. Don't expect anyone to understand your feelings, but be grateful that you have them by your side.

As for marriage, nobody wants a divorce but if it is needed there is nothing else that can be done. If keeping will only make things worst, let it go properly. Find a way to get a good agreement between you and your spouse to be separated in a good way to avoid troubles in the future.

It will be like grieving at first, but time will heal as others said. The truth is that time does not heal, it is you that survives. It is you that is going to make your life better with your strong will.

Think about the children if you have or think about all the things that you will be able to achieve without any restriction from your spouse. Perhaps if we think like that it's going to take a shorter time to heal our broken hearts.

It's alright if you want to cry all-day but you got to keep living your daily life as usual. Your routine is going to change and perhaps you will have nobody to talk to at home. It going to be lonely and you might have a rapid change of thought from time to time. The anger you buried will come out, nobody believes that you are going to make it alive, and everyone expects you to make a quick decision.

You know they are right about the things they said but your heart is struggling to do the right thing. You are crawling to make the right things done as fast as your heart can bear the pain. You are struggling to do the right things while preventing your heart from being broken and becoming unfixable. One thing that you must never do is never expect anyone else to understand all the things that are going on inside your mind because nobody will.

At this moment your decision will be always thought of as a wrong decision even if you think that you are right. Bear with it. Things will pass. Loneliness is just another phase of grieving. A better future awaits you ahead of time and you are going to make all the things that you are experiencing now a lesson for your children in the future.

You will be able to guide them and support them better because you have experienced the worst moment of your life. You will not make the same mistake again.

You have become blinded by grieving for a while now. Open your eyes and wipe your tears, therefore you can see things that you miss before. Walk slowly, and look around you. See your friends, talk to your children and be grateful for your family. The one family that you have from the beginning. It might not be as good as you want them to be but believe me that they are perfect the way they are.

It is them who made you as strong as you're now.

Whatever decision you make now there are no promises that your pathway will be paved beautifully. There will always be a bump on the road even if it is the smallest one. It is impossible to erase your memories together but you can always let them flow like the river into a vast ocean. Let your mind be free and your heart will be set free too.

Let go of the hands that you once hold dearly. Perhaps by letting go the both of you can heal. Give time for the both of you to think about all the moments that you have achieved together. Separation is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it can be the cure that you need.

You know what you need and you already know what to do. Other than that let your daily life pass day by day as usual. The right moment will come when you need to take the next step.

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Written by   272
2 months ago
Topics: Faith, Future, Life, Thought, Blog, ...
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Love of God is eternal

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2 months ago

It is indeed are.

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2 months ago