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The act of love.

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4 months ago

Love is often described as a beautiful act. It is still unexplainable regardless of the experiences or knowledge we have. Love can be explained in a lot of sentences but it never existed with just one explainataion.

Love is kind.

Love is patient.

Love is empathy.

Love is pure.

Love is honest.

Is it?

In real life, it is not as perfect as in the movies. Love is not always kind when it wants to protect. It can be fierce, anger or annoying. If a mother saw her four-year-old son climbing a tree, she will be angry and scold her son. Most of us, I think. The truth is, it is not that we are angry with our son. Love gave us the strength to protect and turn us into a protective mode.

Love can also be scary. Some people do what they do in the name of love without realizing that they are doing it for the sake of their benefit. Well, who does not want to reward themselves with good fortune right?

Then the phrase 'Give and take' existed or in my opinion, providing for each other. If we learn to provide and complete each other dreams that would be the greatest love of all. Frankly, it is almost impossible just like the existence of a couple that never got into a fight.

Love can be scary.

Why would it? Is love not the most beautiful act of all?

Too much love will turn into an obsession, leading the real feeling of love into a nightmare.

I believe that most of us have seen or read about suicidal cases that happened because of heartbreak. Suddenly the world turns dark and they have no more will to live. Do they only love that person that breaks their heart and not the other people who care about them?

Love can kill.

Love is blind.

Is this the situation where those two phrases come from? In the end, the people left behind end up blaming and hating each other.

Is that the purpose of suicide? I think the best action of all is to prove to the person that we can have a good life even without them. There is no other great thing than being alive because we will have a lot of chances to do a lot of things while we are alive. Why did I say so? Mainly because I do not know what will happen after death. Religiously and in beliefs there might be some explanation but I would like to be in general.

The act of love can be in any form. Perhaps it is not always a happy ending but still, the love existed. Love is meant to be given and not to be asked from.

To love others, learn to love yourself first.

To be love, learn to be understandable and compromised.

To stay in love, learn to accept each other weaknesses, throw away ego and self-improvement. (If we cannot change ourselves then why be with that person?/ If that person is not willing to change for us, why do we force to keep the relationship?)

Both parties deserve to be happy.

Sometimes with love, we need to learn to let go. Love is the hardest act of all. That is the reality for me.

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Written by   244
4 months ago
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Love comes in different forms... It has its reasons which reasons cannot understand why...

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4 months ago

I've been away from for some time and one of the things I missed most is your articles. This very topic on "love" has made me realize how much i must have missed.

You nailed it, you ex-rayed some things about love that we wouldn't ordinarily see or acknowledge. Thank you for this, I hope to read more of your educative articles

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4 months ago

I have busy lately. Just came back. Have not been reading a lot too. I missed the enjoyable time of reading and writing too.

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4 months ago

Though some are false but No one can live with out pure loves & it may vary person to person.

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4 months ago

Yes, pure love only exist for very few person. It would be a miracle to get one.

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4 months ago