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Forgotten but still there.

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1 year ago

Moderation work inside the communities I created is not much now and I kind of like it but it also felt a bit lonely. There is still some author that post inside our communities but it is lacking the contents that I am searching for.

Some who submitted have interesting contents but did not reach our requirements. We leave comments but only a few will have the effort to edit articles so that it will fit into our communities.

I put in high requirements because I want all the readers who stopped by all these communities to be amazed by all the contents inside. If the communities are known for their quality and standard, people will stop by all the time because they know that they will find pleasant things inside. Well, this is my hope and dreams. I do not know about you.

It does not need to be a perfect article or blog, it just needs to follow the rules for easy read and understanding.

Here are all the communities.

Share Your Talents(f01d)[English]

SYT: Singing an original Songs

Share your originals songs. COmpose your own, record a video and post in on YouTube or any channel that you preferred. Tell us what inspire you to write the songs.

SST: Columnist(94cc)[English]

A place for discussions/debate. Not for looking down on others.

Someone asked you on how do you write a freewriting article? It is too long to be replied in a comment. Write your answer in an article and mention the person.

Did you read something that you must burst your thoughts about like news on kidnapping or others? You have your opinions that you want to be heard by others. Write it down.

I do not want 5 steps to be a hero or a copy of the whole news. A citation is a must so that I know which is yours and which is borrowed.

In conclusions Somethings commentary. Something that other readers will be able to learn from or as an eye-opener.

SST: Christians(4c9e)[English]

Christians content (Skip if you are not one)

I would love to hear your life as Christians, things that you are thankful for, things that strengthen your faith, maybe some miracles?

No teaching or comparing other religions.

Make sure your titles start with Christians: (Your title) or at the starting of your articles, This is related to Christians contents. It is just one way to respect other religions.

Share some thoughts (SST)(89db)[English]

SST: Values

Before it stands for a lot of topics. Now, this community are hunting for values. Things that you can only write form your own experiences. Things that you learn in life. things that you think can give some reminder or lessons for others to learn.

Somethings valuable.

SYT: Creative Smartphones Photography(9cd6)[English]

Creative Smartphone Photography

Love photography? Share it. We would love to see if we can learn the techniques of photography form you.

step by step or just tell us which camera you used, how do you manage to capture the pictures or why did you capture the pictures? Is it something specials.

SYT: Poems(bd19)[English]

Poems written by you and only you. Not a review of others poem. Who knows you can turn it into a song or be inspired to write more articles. short sentences become long stories perhaps?

SYT: Creativity(96be)[English]


Teach us how to draw if you do not know what to write about.

SYT: Recipes(Write from your kitchen)(ef89)[English]

Write to your kitchen.

love cooking? Cook, take pictures and write.

Write according to the photo you took.

The rules are strict but it is not hard. We will always be there to leave a comment and guide you through.

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Written by   244
1 year ago
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Managing this many communities is not an easy task. And we need to be patient too. I have joined some of your communities @heartbeat1515 and I hope to post in them soon and fulfill your requirements :) I also hope more will join in soon. May I ask, does thumbsup help in the author's earnings or it only helps through the upvote of 0.01, 0.05 and so on?

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1 year ago

You are most welcome to submit your articles. I am not really sure about the thumbs up now but if a random rewarder gives a thumbs up to our articles, we will have a chance to gain more points.

The $ surely is a payment to the author. I am not sure if it gives points for extra earning though.

The system is being upgraded to rapidly. I am still catching up. As for now, let us enjoy writing. I don't know how others are able to achieve 500 to 1000 points a day. I barely have 100 or 200 points a day.

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1 year ago

I think the death of communities is bound to happen sooner or later but it's good to try to keep them alive for as long as we can

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1 year ago

Communities do not have a lot of function but it is a place where I can search for a topic that I am interested to read.

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1 year ago

I think the hashtag function will come to replace that soon enough 😂 no offense meant, of course

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1 year ago

I heard of the hashtag but I have not read about it. I am alright with anything as long as searching is easy.

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1 year ago

Then i suppose that would suffice. Just hope a unified hashtag will be established for a uniformed search result @Read.Cash

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1 year ago