Christians: Blessing Just Amazing

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4 months ago

Strugles unending, troubles multiplying and luck is not on your side. Anyone else experience this?

I know I do but there is few more things that I have.

  • My daughter.

  • My sister.

  • The gift of friends a.k a those I can call family.

I wanted to say that I am unlucky or unblessed but going through my history...

  • I never starve.

  • I am never too poor for a living.

  • I am never alone.(I wonder I once felt so lonely before)

Few years ago my car is ruin by flood plus my unwise decision at that moment. Recently I sold it but a friend told me that I sold it too cheap. I am not in the position to get another car soon though I am struggling to give my father a hard life by sending me daily to and back from work. What kind of child am I? I guess I am that black sheep in my family.

I once struggle to find a special school for my daughter and got rejected by a few. In the end an ordinary school accepted her and have been taking care of her amazingly until now. I requested to make the cake in picture above for them to describe my feelings of gratitude. The inside is a rainbow cake.

Here is another blessing which I express my feelings in a poem. Saving the date here 22nd october 2022.

God this is some of the most abundance blessing that I do not know how to express my gratitude. I feel elated but I cannot show nor can I say the perfect word more than just a thank you.

I wonder if there will be more after this. Is my struggles really coming to an end? I wonder if I can start living more at ease after this. Things seem to be going too well that I am scared that this blessing is just another preparation for a heavier tasks ahead.

One thing I know is that God, though I am not worthy to be call your child, keeping my faith to you is a million more worth than wishing to be acknowledged by other as the children of God.

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4 months ago


My dear...your title should start with Christians. Can you change it please!

Your moderator.

It a I watched a Korean series called: It's okay not to be okay (I recommend it).

If it comes to struggles it was said: after many years of bad times the better times will come. I wish that for you.

You are for sure NOT the black sheep of the family. You are the hard working idiot who buys houses for family and keeps others alive. 🍀♥️

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4 months ago

thank you for the reminder. I decided to stop being the idiot and focus on my life this time. thank you, dear friend

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3 months ago

That is a wise decision dear friend. Have a great December month and slide into the new year. You know where to find me. 🍀♥️

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2 months ago

Yes dear friend we should be thankful at always, He keeps blessing us

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4 months ago

Sometimes we experience a lot of struggles my friend. What I did I always have faith in God and I trust him. I always prayed. I always talked to him until he heard my prayers. I'm forever grateful to our almighty God. 🙏

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4 months ago