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A letter for myself on 1st of January 2022

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2 months ago
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Dear future me,

Today should be the new year of 2022. I hope you are reading this right on time. I want to remind you of your achievements back in 2021.

Before that I want you to remember that you are not performing well in 2021. I believe you know that you can do way much better than last year. Tiredness, disappointment, heartaches, anger, truth revealed...

16 years ago, your whole family is kicked out of the house that you have been living your whole life. You never know the reason for that but now you know. I will not say it here because I know even though you are forgetful, you will not forget about this one.

Now the one that kicks you out is having trouble and your family ask you to take back the land that should belong to your mother, I wonder if you still have the same decision now.

You can just let go, you know. You have your own life to settle before the golden years come.

You manage to get a new bed, an automatic washing machine, a house and a life that you dream of. Your next target is a car, a complete house and savings. Your daughter is going to school soon. You will be needing a lot of money for that.

I know you well and I believe you will be able to overcome any obstacle that will be in your way. It is not going to be too long before you can have a proper rest and live peacefully without worries.

You are blessed with good friends near and far. You are strong and you can be better.

Learn to be quiet, be in your world. Let go of things that are not related to you. You will be much better this way. Have a try and let me know how it goes, alright?

See you again soon dear me. Wish to meet a better you.

Sign me in 2021.

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It is a good decision to plan for the future and move forward in life. You arrange your life the way you want. Thinking about the future is the work of the wise.

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2 months ago

I do hope I can become better and have the good life of my dream this year. Happy new year.

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3 weeks ago